2012 Cyber Security Research Report


Today, almost anything and everything we do as a society has translated onto the internet. Whether it is communicating with friends and family, doing business, applying for jobs, finding and listening to music, researching a restaurant to dine at; most of the average person’s daily life resides on some part of the internet. And while this is great for convenience, efficiency, and just ease of doing everyday tasks, this also means more opportunities for a malicious attack on our personal or professional possessions and/or personal or professional identities. And when it comes to internet business and digital commerce, the stakes are even higher, as large corporations and enterprise companies are also participating in the internet space with the same frequency, but of course they have even deeper pockets and larger vulnerabilities. This infographic, the 2012 Cyber Security Research Report, is the latest research in response to this current state of cyber security risk, affecting individuals and business today.

This infographic was made by Bit9, the leader in Endpoint Security and Advanced Threat Protection, and provider of resources such as preventing the flame virus.

Preventing the flame virus