Information Technology Trends

March, 2012

What is Google Drive?

Google drive

Google Drive also known as a cloud storage overhaul which is in the developing phase as per the industry rumor. This is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), which can be compared to S3 online storage overhaul of Amazon. Although the rumors about Google Drive also known as G-Drive or Google Cloud Storage overhaul is […]

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Wishtel IRA and IRA Thing – Two low cost Android Tablets

IRA Low cost tablet

IRA and IRA thing are 2 tablets that can be purchased by most people who thought tablet was a possession of the rich. These come with an unmatchable price and best features. Are you looking to buy a tablet and considering your options? If yes then it worth waiting a while as India is becoming […]

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Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

google ice cream sandwich

If you are an Android lover then it is a must that you check out Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which is the most recent edition of the Android tablets, phones, etc. It is a version that many people dream of- beautiful, useful and simple. The radiant features of Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich […]

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Why iPad top choice for businesses

best ipad apps for business

iPads are a range of computer tablets that is marketed and designed by Apple Inc. The main purpose for designing this product was for audio-visual media that consisted of periodicals, books, movies, music, web content, apps and games. iPads are soon making their way as a business solutions to many companies. Gone are the days […]

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Aakash 2 Tablet to Launch: Aakash 2 Tablet features, price and Specifications

Aakash II launch

Aakash 2 Tablet Price in India The advanced version Aakash 2 price in India is Rs. 2,999 which is higher than previous version which owes some more improved features. Aakash 2 price is Rs.4,99 higher than first model which is already sold out. The Aakash 2 online booking has already started for commercial sale. Aakash […]

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How to track mobile number and mobile location?

how to trace mobile number with exact location

Now it is an easy thing to detect any mobile number. Here are few ways to do so. A few years back tracing a mobile number was a rocket science as many formalities were to be fulfilled in order to do so. Now this option is a cake walk for many people who want to […]

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How to play Nintendo

Play Nintendo game

72D6T5Q4YMDB – Nintendo is an all time favorite game of every child. Moreover it is a game that is played by many people irrespective of which age group you belong to. Playing Nintendo game is no rocket science and any child can vouch for this statement. In order to win you need learn a few […]

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What is next from Apple? iPad 3 or iPad HD?

iPad HD

New product from Apple: After months of assumption and guess work, Apple’s well secured secret is finally declared. Rumors were heard that the next baby of Apple will be called iPad 3, but buzz is that the much-awaited next generation iPad will be called iPad HD. The HD autograph instead of iPad 3 wouldn’t be […]

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Land Phones – Are they still important

what is a landline

Cell Phone vs Land Line: How many land phone numbers you remember? How often you make calls in a public booth? It’s all past story now, as more people are beginning to make the majority of calls on cell phones. No more chase for a phone booth. An increasing number of adults have preferred to […]

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ATabin Low-Cost Tablet, Features and Specifications

ATabin Tablet

Global education company launching an android tablet costing Rs 5,000 for Indian Students. International education company AcrossWorld along with Delhi-based Go-Tech would launch a tablet, called ATabin, in the second week of March. The seven-inch android touch screen tablet will have a three-year free access to education technology platform ‘EducationBridge’ which allows teachers, students and […]

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