Information Technology Trends

April, 2012

Will it be the desktop or the laptop?

desktop vs laptop

Whenever it comes to discussing technology we find discussions are always steamy and contain boat load of electronic facts all pertaining to advantages over disadvantages; one such debacle we find is the pros and cons of laptops and desktops; hence which one of the two happens to be more advantageous. Though factors state that a […]

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What are ‘Comments’ in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word till today has proven to be one of the very best programs ever to be installed on our operating systems. The application has always provided users with multipurpose options and a variety of tools all of which function to provide a neat, grammatically correct and meaningful draft. Now another function which is easy […]

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Panasonic DMC-GF3 transforms into Panasonic DMC-GF5

Panasonic DMC-GF5

The recent launching of the Panasonic DMC-GF5 has led to its precedence over its older version of DMC-GF3. Now enrolled with an innovated form of a 12.1megapixels CMOS optical sensor; it offers 0.09 seconds of contrast detection and an autofocus system, which is multipurpose since it reduces noise hindrance thus enhancing picture quality. Apart from […]

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Difference Between API and IDE

What is API? API, its expansion being Application Programming Interface is a service that provides a cross point between one or more websites and their software relevancies. The main function is a congregation; is used widely in web designing and provides a collection of applications which are multipurpose in their usage. To explain its function, […]

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“Girls around Me” developer defends the application

Girls around me

In the recent uproar regarding the privacy purloin by “Girls around me”, social networkers hauled a massive attack upon the Apple induced application in the market. It had been revealed that the application’s usage had become faulty, allowing users to track down information and locations of women thereby giving them access to confidential photos and […]

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China Telecom unleashes Nokia 800C CDMA Windows Phone

Lumia Smartphone china

China is all geared up for the brand new Nokia 800C CDMA Windows Smart Phone, its presenters being China Telecom, a renowned establishment. Their mutual association with Nokia has led to the inauguration of the Lumia Smartphone, a Chinese makeup. So making the new Nokia Lumia phone public, everyone can expect a CDMA Windows phone […]

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What is nano-SIM?

apple nano sim

In the beginning mobiles looked nothing less than brief cases and bricks and their SIM cards were of credit size. With advancement in technology these huge size phones and SIMs also reduced their size and increased the application stored in them. Hence one can say that the reduction of the size of cell phones gave […]

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