Information Technology Trends

June, 2012

Does antivirus software work efficiently

antivirus software

Everybody knows the fact that every computer / laptop / smart phone should have an antivirus software. But how efficient is your antivirus software? Is antivirus software serving the purpose? First up, virus is more a kind of generic word used to describe a vast variety of malware, which are developed everyday in millions of […]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Memory Cards

Memory Cards

Keeping data backups is quite an important task. If a business fails to back up information, it could lose work, waste company money and let down clients and customers as well. To avoid something crucial from missing, it is important to keep data backups. People may need to back up a lot of important data […]

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3 Unique Educational Apps for Students


Modern classrooms experience a great renovation in all aspects due to the advanced developments in technology. There are lots of sophisticated cellphone applications adding another piece to the digital classroom atmosphere. However, when the technology advances more, it seems like people are becoming too busy with their life to keep track of every incident, particularly […]

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How to make a short film with your Smartphone

smartphone camera

I am sure that all of you would agree with me when I say that the best moments in lives come most unexpectedly. There are millions of such occasions when you think you yourself, “If I could film it, how nice it would be?” Like me there are many others who are the victims of […]

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How to record your iOS device’s screen with Display Recorder

Display Recorder

Sharing something that you feel exciting is always Fun. You always want your friends to know about something that you found to be noteworthy. The urge is always there, to share new things. It’s human tendency. Like in computers where you have Print-screen capability, where you can take a screenshot and send instantly to your […]

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iphone settings

iPhone is a unique multi-touch screen portable phone which performs as a video camera, laptop (internet/web-browsing) etc. with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. 1. iPhone AUTO- CORRECTION SAVES YOU THE EMBARRASSMENT Oops! I didn’t want to send this…Go to “settings”, “general”, “keyboard” and you have auto-correction of undesired text word. If you type abbreviated or wrong […]

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Opera 12 Arrives with New Features

opera 12 logo

Constantly improving browser comes up with any array of new features taking the browsing experience on Opera to NEXT LEVEL. Opera 12 is now officially available for download. The changes incorporated by Opera can now bring the Opera browser very-much in-line with the top browsers like Firefox, Chrome, etc. Opera in its New Opera 12 […]

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Lenovo LePad A2107 – World’s First Dual-SIM Tablet

Lenovo LePad A2107

While all the Tech Manufacturers in the world are trying to design a Tablet which is thinnest in the industry, has best camera, Lenovo is trying to run in a different League all together. Introducing Lenovo LePad A2107. The World’s first dual-sim tablet. Yes, you can now use two SIM cards in a single Tab. […]

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Keep your TV smart with Smart Box

Smart Box

Bought a Smart TV recently? Planning to buy a Smart TV? Not happy with you age-old TV? Confused which one to buy? Which is the cheapest? Which is the Best? Guess what. There’s no answer for these questions, because the Smart TV you bought today may not smart tomorrow, cheaper model you find today may […]

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How to activate permanently locked PayPal account

activate Pay Pal account

PayPal has become one of the most prominent global e-commerce tools for payments and money transfers on Internet. It has grown as a better alternative to checks and money orders. A PayPal account is funded with an electronic debit from a bank account or credit card. Now, PayPal requires a verified bank account if an […]

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