Information Technology Trends

July, 2012

Hands on Review of the New HTC Evo 4G LTE


There is a lot to be said about HTC’s latest release, the Evo 4G LTE. HTC seems to be on a roll with new models, although similar to HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE, this one is closer to the HTC One X in how it looks and feels. The Evo has decided to be an […]

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Poker Website Launches New Innovative Software


Gone are the days when you had to sit at a Las Vegas poker table just to enjoy the excitement of the game. PKR Poker, in an attempt to move in the opposite direction of mainstream online poker rooms, released a new software update that brings the entire social aspect of playing to the table. […]

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How To Make Everything Click When Buying a Computer

When Buying a Computer

Unlike many of the other major purchases we make, we tend to trust to luck when buying a computer. It involves entering a world full of jargon, which is populated by people who love exposing how little we know about the workings of them after all, right? Wrong, actually. Provided you are clear that you […]

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Why Teachers And Students Should Not Be Facebook Friends

students in Facebook

Social media accounts have become an integral part of our social lives. Most students have at least a Facebook account and it’s safe to say that many of their teachers and professors do as well. Social media channels are useful because they make it easier for teachers to reach out to students but this type […]

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8 Great Benefits Of Using CAD Modeling

2D and 3D designs

Artists and engineers appreciate the relief brought about by CAD drawing, modeling and software. Years back, it took a lot of skill to produce accurate designs and much diligence in the whole process. A single error was disastrous for companies and cost a lot in time and money. All these are now in the past, […]

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What is the need of Mobile Monitoring Software?

Mobile Monitoring

Mobile monitoring software is known for its excellence as far as smartphone monitoring activities are concerned. The application works in an invisible mode to ensure that the user accomplishes his objectives of monitoring without letting the target phone user get any hints about it. The monitoring software has performed its spying job perfectly for most […]

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Technology and Gadgets: What to Buy and What to Wait for

Technology and Gadgets

Scott McNealy once famously said “technology has the shelf life of a banana,” and he may be onto something: in the last decade alone, we’ve gone from black and white phones to colour to smartphones with touch screens. With so many advancements to technology being made every year (and not enough advancements in pay rates), […]

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Debating whether to Hire a Profession Web Developer

Profession Web Developer

A website is extremely important for any business. The question is whether you should design it yourself or hire a professional to do it. Hiring a profession to do a job is never an easy decision because there are many factors to take into account. First things first, it is important to understand your level […]

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3 Reasons Why Galaxy S3 And Iphone4s Shouldn’t Be Compared!

Galaxy S3 And Iphone4

TECHNOLOGY is the flavor of this season! This year saw, two of the best phone collide in the market, head on with, with revolutionary features which provide the ultimate cell phone experience. Apple has, lived up to its quality standards keeping its head held high, despite the Steve Jobs tragedy. Samsung, on the other hand […]

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Excel: One Simple Application with Big Impact


What is Excel? Excel, a common software application used by many people worldwide, is an electronic spreadsheet program that is used to store, organise and manipulate data and information. Although one of the simpler Microsoft applications, Excel involves calculations, formulations, graphing tools and pivot tables, and when used on a more experienced level, requires training […]

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