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October, 2012

Top Creative Uses of Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Today, you could find cloud storage a common option for users. The Cloud Backup can be called as a new fad of the day among the modern day users. The fact is that these are actually a useful thing. It simply reduces cost and time in your number of personal and professional use. At the […]

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6 Best Gadgets For Every Web Designer


Here are six gadgets that you should have if you are a web designer. Be warned however that most of them cost over two hundred dollars–so you had better be a good web designer. 1. Apple iPad This is a great tool because of the many web designer apps it has. It means that you […]

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Top 5 Best Security Cameras


A security camera is the element which provides the surveillance outcomes for the extreme situations. In the present days everywhere the security arrangements are offered with inbuilt functions which are necessary in daily life. The functions are like security cameras, video recorders, spy cameras and many more. There are so many varieties of security cameras […]

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6 Best mobile to do applications


In the present-day’s meddlesome and busy society, a good task management app can certainly help you to organize and manage your to do list andalso prevent last minute panics. The majority of task-management apps work in the same way, based on the “Getting-Things-Done” (GTD) concepts of time-management. Here is a list of top 6 to-do […]

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Vizio E601I-A3: Review

Vizio E601I-A3

Selecting the best HD television is one of the toughest tasks unless you are an expert or a television technician. It is just not like buying a laptop or a mobile phone. Most television specifications are same and are difficult to distinguish. Hence it is important to listen to an expert’s advice or study different […]

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Five Ways to Give Your Computer a Longer Life

Give Your Computer a Longer Life

It’s happened again: you’re working along, and the program you’re trying to open freezes. Or it now takes longer than ever for your computer to boot up each morning – long enough for you to grab a cup of coffee, chat with a co-worker and maybe read an article or two in the newspaper. You […]

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HTC Windows Phone 8S: An Overview


There are many reasons to be excited about Windows 8 and one of the foremost reasons is how it blends in beautifully as a phone operating system. No wonder then that virtually every phone maker wants in. Today we’re looking at one such phone from HTC. The Windows Phone 8S is one of the phones […]

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The Best Android Apps to Download Music


We’ve come a long way from tape-recorders to modern day music apps. The smartphone enables you to do many things, storing and allowing you to enjoy music is an important feature that is loved and appreciated by all music lovers. Here are some of the preferred apps from Android for music buffs: Solo Music lovers […]

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Best Military apps


The military is a rich source of material for media of all types, from movies to video games, and that includes apps for your Android tablet from the Google Play Shop. Here’s a look at some of the most popular military-inspired apps on the Google Play Store that are available for Android tablets. US Army […]

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Psychological Effects of Facebook


Facebook was launched in 2004 at Harvard by Mark Zuckerberg and a couple of his roomies. Initially only Harvard students could become members, but later other colleges and educational institutions were also included. Eventually anyone past the age of 13 could become a member on this social networking site. As of September 2012, there were […]

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