Information Technology Trends

December, 2012

How to Use Google Places for Business Promotion


Recent data from Google shows that more than 90% of searches for local businesses are through the online mode. Therefore, it is not enough, if a local business has a website to display its existence online, even if it is located in a prime spot. What matters most is a strong web presence that captures […]


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Social Media Monitoring: Goal Setting is Paramount


You’re unlikely throughout social media includes a big impact on an internet business. In the times when social networks set the actual module regarding online interaction, it’s quite vital that you put a check into the intensity of communication. Discussion on the social networks may either make sure or bad. Thus, checking the sociable styles […]


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VPS vs Dedicated Hosting, What is the Difference


As the world of computing continues to experience radical changes, cloud computing is being viewed as the future IT. Cloud computing refers to provision of computing services through the internet. However, many people have little or no idea of VPS vs. Dedicated Hosting: What is the Difference? And what are the opportunities in each. VPS […]

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The education system changes along with the society in which in it subsists, and there can be no doubt that digital technology has been changing our society in important ways. Almost all schools today across the world have computers, in numbers varying depending on the school and on the subjects being taught. But desktop computers […]

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3 Uses For Biometrics in Security

fingerprint scan

Biometric security systems are becoming more and more commonplace. Eye or hand scan technologies are a standard security measure in most airports now and even the everyday workplace is utilising hand scan systems to prevent unauthorised access. There are many pros and cons. Firstly, biometrics work off unique traits to each person, making forging identities […]

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How to Select IT Equipments


Before selecting colocation for your data center needs, you must first assess your business requirements. When compared to in-house data centers, colocation facilities often provide a more cost-effective alternative IT infrastructure. In general, private data centers are only affordable for large enterprises. The main reason why large companies build private data center facilities is because […]

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Digital Privacy and the Law in the United States

Digital Privacy

There are many innovations as far as law enforcement in this age of technology are concerned. But among the multitudes of positives are many questionable practices which a number of concerned individuals are saying we would be foolish to overlook. One of these on most recent radar is the question of whether or not law […]

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Apple Hit By Supply Chain Problems


It was the usual story when the iPhone 5 hit the stores in September, with the die hard fans queuing for hours to get their hands on a coveted handset as soon as they were released at midnight. Demand for any new Apple product is high, but the launch of the iPhone 5 so close […]

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The Advantages of Touch Screen Kiosks


Touch screen kiosks are a modern, convenient and user-friendly solution to many common problems in businesses today, ranging from simply freeing up space to cutting down waiting times by freeing up a worker. They can be used in a number of ways, tailored to suit each individual location, meaning that they have different advantages for […]


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For years the (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification has been considered the most advanced and beneficial course on the list of available information assurance credentials. However, the introduction of CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) offers a new certification option for information assurance professionals to pursue. Who is the CASP certification intended for? […]

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