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January, 2013

Tips on Choosing Your Next Mobile Device


With all the options available and the rapidly increasing technology, it can be confusing to sift through all the mobile device choices. Retailers certainly don’t make the process any easier as they promise their latest greatest product to be the best thing for you. Choosing a communication device that suits your needs is important, but […]

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Rumored ‘iPhone Math’ Smartphone from Apple Inc


iPhone is a series of Smartphones from Apple Inc. that run on the iOS mobile operating system designed by the company itself. Till 2010, iOS was known as “iPhone OS” but with the release of the first iPad, Apple changed its name to “iOS”. The first iPhone was released by the company way back in […]

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Why Apple Will Never Manufacture a “Cheap” or “inexpensive” iPhone?


Apple’s iPhone technology has become famous all over. Four years back, Apple released its first iPhone and nobody needs to tell how this device has ruled in the whole world of technology. Despite the fact that iPhone is not the first smartphone in the world, it wasn’t the first cell phone that has a touch […]

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Corning Unveils ‘Gorilla Glass 3′ at CES


Corning Incorporated on January 07, 2013 announced it was launching Gorilla Corning 3 with Native Damage Resistance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Corning glass it may be remembered is one of the most preferred glass in electronic goods due to its highly acclaimed scratch resistance properties. The new product, it has […]

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Limitations and Weaknesses of the Facebook’s Graph Search Tool


Facebook has recently announced that it is going to introduce search feature for its users. This will allow Facebook users to share, search, and view photos, locations, places, activities, and interests of their mates. Many people are taking it as a threat to other search engines, especially to Google, but Facebook’s CEO has totally denied […]


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New Year, new goals: Setting new IT help desk support goals


With the New Year starting off, it’s a perfect time to evaluate the efficiency and quality of your IT help desk from 2012. Your aim should be to identify both your strength and weaknesses from last year, then plan out how you will make 2013 a better year in terms of your customer service, responsiveness, […]

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The Next Gen Android Phones to Look Out for in 2013


The excitement of using Android phones, it seems, will heat up in 2013. If what was seen at the CES is any indication, then you can as well dub 2013 as the year of Android phones. With newer releases of Android already having hit the market and more in the rumor mill, everything points to […]

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Cost-Effective VoIP Alternatives to Skype


Skype has been the platform where millions across the globe go to when they want to make video calls. However, there were others in the market stealing some Skype users when it started displaying ads during one-to-one audio calls. It is quite uncomfortable and distracting to see these ads pop out when you’re in a […]

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Introducing ‘Archos 97 Titanium HD’ 9.7-inch Android Tablet


Everybody’s excitedly gearing up for the imminent New Year so it’s understandable if technology firms seek to cash in on the fervor. And Archos, recognized frontrunners in the electronics domain, are the latest to jump in the fray with the introduction of their new Archos 97 Titanium HD Android tablet. Take a look below to […]

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How iPad mini can compete with other tablets including Microsoft surface


Before the launch of iPad mini, Apple’s family of tablets has long been the best slates you can get in the market. That is not to say that iPad mini is not among the best. iPad mini faces more potential rivals than any other Apple tablets before it. Here is a run through on how […]

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