Information Technology Trends

February, 2013

Helpful Ideas To Use When Buying A Router


There is a huge difference between understanding how to use technology and knowing how to choose technology. If you are like many other Americans, you probably feel pretty comfortable navigating new software and following set up directions, but might feel a little less confident when it comes to discerning between different brands and specifications. If […]


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Uprising of Big Data


Businesses are overwhelmed at the amount of data that Big Data brings them. This seems to be a giant block of data given to them which they have not handled until now. The government might have had access to such big sets of data, but this is new to the companies. They are ecstatic about […]


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How Your Business Can Benefit from VoIP Solutions


Small businesses are switching to VoIP and for good reason. These days, it is important that businesses control expenses, are quick and flexible, draw in new customers and retain existing ones. Although it may seem strange that business phone systems can do all this, VoIP solutions have helped more businesses with these types of things. […]


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Epic Citadel’ Game for Android – First Look


For all of you who may have done very many appeals to have Infinity Blade on Android and have been waiting expectantly might have a reason to rejoice. Epic Citadel has been released, courtesy Epic Games. With this game you will embark on a visual feast of a dream land or a fantasy trip that […]

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Mobile applications for each individual Mobile operating system


Every mobile operating system will need the applications. So these applications will determine its credibility in the mind of the mobile users. So in this direction, both the mobile applications and the mobile operating systems should have to follow some critical facts in order to make it successful. But the main purpose of the mobile […]

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Hands-on with ‘Sony Xperia ZL’ Android Smartphone

Sony Xperia ZL Android Smartphone

A smartphone is a cell phone which has a software package that is superior to the software package in an ordinary phone. Smartphones are usually made using an operating system that is freely available to the public like Hewlett-Packard’s webOS, Nokia’s Maemo, Google’s Android, etc. At the CES 2013, Sony launched a smartphone, the Xperia […]

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Samsung galaxy s3 reviews say all about it


Samsung galaxy S3 is one of the most advanced and smartest phones Samsung has ever come up with. With hi-tech features and flamboyant design, it catches your eye at once. Because of this eye catching ability and extraordinary features, it is one of the costliest phones in the Indian market. The question that aroused with […]

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Primordia for PC Game – Review


Personal computer games also known as computer games or PC games are video games played on personal computers using a keyboard and a mouse, a gamepad or joystick. The player receives the video through the computer monitor and sound through the headset or speakers. These games cannot be played on interactive video game consoles or […]

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