3 Reasons Why Galaxy S3 And Iphone4s Shouldn’t Be Compared!

Galaxy S3 And Iphone4

TECHNOLOGY is the flavor of this season! This year saw, two of the best phone collide in the market, head on with, with revolutionary features which provide the ultimate cell phone experience.

Apple has, lived up to its quality standards keeping its head held high, despite the Steve Jobs tragedy.

Samsung, on the other hand has given the world an instrument, so appealing, that it puts every other technological aspect to shame.

With two such legendary creations, landing in the market, it is hard for cell phone freaks not to compare the phones and scandalize the rivalry of their features.

The matter has reached a serious level, with android lovers, taking a direct dig at the iphone world.

So, are Iphones and Samsung S series, worth fighting for?


One must never even think in their wildest dreams to make such a blunder of comparing two incredibly amazing creations and here is why.


APPLE is a company which begs to differ and provide a unique and comfortable user experience, in all its technological advancements. MacBooks, Iphones, Ipads, all aim towards providing the user, an experience never felt before. It is so unique and incompatible, that it’s an enormous deal to integrate it in a world dominated with windows computers and 2.2 bluetooths. SAMSUNG, S3 on the other hand, is a marvelous gadget, meant to please the user, with settings, worth dying for. S3 is the god of all the regular phones which. Hence, their comparison would be plain stupidity, as they belong to totally different origins.

Android vs IOS

Apple Iphone is a phone with applications, genuinely meant for it. S3 runs on android, which can be found in every other high end smart phone. Iphone runs on its own operating system, which is unique. Comparing phones is impractical in a case, where even the operating systems aren’t the same.


Apple products are meant for people who love to indulge in a unique experience never found before. It is the dream phone for those who are willing to spend the money, for a gadget so amazing, that they are willing to sacrifice compatibility issues. S3 on the other hand is for those, who spend the huge chunk of money for the best uncompromising phoning experience, ever.

Samsung galaxy S3 and Apple Iphone 4s are two completely different worlds. Anyone who makes a comparison to them, is either too stupid or doesn’t deserve to own a Smartphone.

Only the most experienced and technologically sound people would ever understand that the bottom-line of the Samsung-Apple wars is pointless.

It is indeed fun to watch the phones evolve every year and grow with amazing life changing specifications.

However, one must learn to appreciate their difference and respect the brands for their contribution in the cell phone fields.

About the author: I am Jason Holmes, a retired pharmacist. I suggest my students to use the Apple Iphones as it supports most of the applications related to pharmacticual industry. Iphones are put to great use by many pioneers of the pharmaceutical industry. It is the most resourceful product for people in this field. I suggest most of my students in reputed pharmacy technician schools to use the Apple Iphones