Different Ways You Can Use Your 360 Camera


Having a 360 camera is pleasant experience in itself, but knowing that there are different things you can use it for makes the whole experience a lot better. To provide you with a fresh perspective on how to maximize the opportunity that comes with owning a 360 camera, we’ve come up with this interesting list.

Home security

When installed properly, your 360 camera can function as a security camera. Since it has a 360 perspective that can cover a huge area, this feature helps it to become a good security camera.  Unlike other security cameras in the market today, the 360 camera can capture and record footage and photos at your will. You can even access these footage through your mobile phone while out on a vacation.

Showcasing a product

If you work for an advertising company or simply selling stuff online, you can use the 360 camera to showcase the product or property that you sell. Nothing captures the interests of potential customers more than impressive and eye-popping videos. Since humans are considered as visual creatures, this is one platform you can clearly present your product. You can take footage of a property you’re selling to provide the different perspective buyers would want to have before deciding to buy or rent a house or an office space.


The tourism sector can promote destinations and different tourist spots through the use of 360 cameras. Be it mountain climbing, underwater adventures, and resorts by the beach, your 360 camera footage can help viewers “feel” what it’s like in these places you’d be featuring. Once you allow viewers to be immersed in the sights and sounds that you’ve shared, it’s highly probable that your persuasion may affect their decision to go to these locations by themselves.

Sharing an adventure

What’s it like going bungee jumping or skydiving? You can share these experiences with friends, relatives, and even strangers through social media. Some 360 cameras are built to withstand pressure and also developed to be easily carried during outdoor activities like the 6-ounce YI 360 VR Camera that you can easily mount like an action and allows you to share videos and photos immediately through different social media platforms.

Promote events

One excellent way to promote events such as shows and concerts is to show the viewers of a preview on how fun it is to enjoy the music and the action together with the crowd. One way to do this is to capture videos of live concerts in the perspective of the live audience. Viewers will now be able to see what is happening on stage and off stage.

These are some of the numerous ways you could use your 360 camera. What’s important to note here is not all 360 cameras are built the same way.  So before deciding to use it in different activities, you must first know the different features your 360 camera has. Maximize your camera’s features. For example, once you’ve determined that it’s optimized for outdoor use then you can use it to record footage of your adventures while trekking or biking. What’s essential here is that you enjoy what you’re doing while you use the correct equipment.



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