4 Best Features of DAB Radio


The people who are using analogue radios should replace it with DAB Radios. No doubt, DAB radio is a radio of this modern age. This radio keeps you occupied no matter where you are; because it lets you to get latest news update and listen to songs of your favorite artists whenever you like. It brings a wide variety of impressive features just to add comfort and ease into the life of its user. Here are the details of 4 best features of this device.

1. Weather Resistance

The biggest problem that you face with an analogue radio is bad reception during rain, storm and snow. However, you never encounter with this issue when you have a DAB radio, which has strong weather resistance power. It offers clear reception in all kinds of weather conditions since it creates digital signal via its land based technology. Therefore, you never feel hiss and crackle in sound.

2. Nice Design

When you compare analogue radio’s design with that of Dab radio then you notice that latter is featured with a nice design. Manufacturers bring a lot of stylish DAB radios. The beauty of a place where you keep this radio increases to a great extent. The radio is compact and lightweight; you won’t find it hard to carry it with you all the time.

3. Automatic Tuning

There is no need to fiddle with dials for getting the best signals because this radio gets tuned in an automatic manner. Another good thing is that you can know the name of channel that you are listening as channel’s name appears on display instead of a number.

4. Earpiece Plug

It would never be difficult to turn DAB radio into your personal radio by plugging earpiece into the provided jack. Now you can enjoy your favorite music songs while canceling all kinds of background distractions.

So, would you like to buy a stylish and compact DAB radio for you?