5 Countries with a Fast Growing Freelance Industry


One of the most effective ways of earning money, commonly called freelancing, has exploded in the past decade. Freelancing is a way of finding a job on the web and working for someone part time. These job options have exploded for various reasons, the first being the improvement of internet technologies and the worldwide adoption of the internet.

Getting a job online is convenient for people who cannot find work in their profession in their own environment and, with the internet, they can find it somewhere abroad while not having to move. This is why there are so many fairly poor countries that turn to freelancing as a way out of creating jobs and bringing money to them. Not only this, but the freelancing model has even created companies that outsource whole business processes their services to other businesses.

Here are some of the countries that have put in the most effort when it comes to freelancing, whether their governments invested in this, or the people living there simply recognized it on their own.

1. India

indian freelancers
India is the number 1 country when it comes to the growth of internet users, not just freelancers. This is because the country has invested in its IT sector a lot in the past ten years, especially on educating its population in using computer technologies.

The Indian government has recognized the enormous potential for giving work to people in their country. Given the fact that they have a large population of poor people for whom they cannot create job positions, they have invested in internet technologies, to give them the option of working as freelancers.

Not only that India has the fastest growing freelance market, but they also already have the largest number of freelancers, meaning that the whole thing is a huge success.

2. U.S.A

usa freelancers
To show how versatile the freelancing business model really is, we have the United States of America. Even though it is one of the strongest economies in the world, the U.S. also has a lot of freelancers both men and women, and there are a lot of people to whom this is a regular everyday job and their only source of income.

Freelancers from the U.S. are generally paid much higher rates and they don’t go for jobs which some eastern-world freelancers would go for. In most cases, they are more established in their fields and they can do more complex and more difficult jobs.

3. Philippines

philippines freelancers
The Philippines are one of the late bloomers on our list, but this country was able to utilize on freelancing so much that its whole economy started to depend based on the freelancing business model. This country has invested so much in its education and created a whole system that focuses on freelancing.

There are a lot of experts who were invited to help them learn and improve their freelancing services on the market. The Philippines even have coaching programs that help business people learn how to open call centers to work on an international level.

4. Pakistan

pakistan freelancers
One of the fastest growing industries in Pakistan is the IT sector. From 2014 to 2015, this Asian country was able to grow its IT by almost 50 %. The proof of the value of this country’s freelance industry is that it’s currently 5th place on the list of top countries on UpWork, which is the largest platform for freelancers.

Not only this, but through individual freelancing, this country was able to encourage and create its own IT industry which operates efficiently on the local level.

5. Russia

Although often neglected in all the analytics and lists, Russia has been able to develop a prosperous freelance market. However, given the fact that only a small percentage of Russians speak English, they have developed their own freelance websites which are in their native language. Besides the fact that this freelancing industry is limited in this way, it was able to grow quite rapidly in the past couple of years.

Final words
russia freelancers
So, these are the countries that have the biggest growth numbers in the freelancing industry. The factors considered are the total number of people working, the growth level, and the total amount of revenue annually.

It is expected that more and more countries are going to get on board with this business model, as it has been proven to be quite prosperous. In the future, we can expect freelancing to become a fierce, competitive market.