5 Ways to Use Live Chats Prompts in PPC Advertising that will Guarantee Enhanced Conversion Rates


Does not matter how much brilliantly a popular brand or a web design performs, one critical question in the ecommerce industry still shouts out loud:

How do I tempt my audience in getting to interact and engage with my website?

The consideration is especially important for someone looking to start an ecommerce business or PPC advertising. Today incoming site traffic and clicks are not enough anymore, but companies need to strive more in order to acquire healthy conversions and sales for the company.

Consider you are regularly improving your PPC traffic and optimizing the landing pages to get the best conversion rate. But still you feel there is a lot more to do for your website. The best bet is to implement strategies that would gain you maximum visitors, hence leading to enhanced engagement and eventual revenues.

So let’s examine how marketers can make the best use out of live chat prompts in PPC advertising for better conversion rates.

1. Users love to interact

People tend to visit different websites for different reasons. They might want to acquire details about a particular product, make purchases, read actionable or ‘how-to’ content, or simply want to note down the address of the company.

Regardless of the reason, if a user is visiting your website that indicates there is a valid impulse that has driven him/her to perform the action. Recognizing and addressing this impulse serves the basis of tempting the user in engaging with your website even further. The more successful you are in capturing your prospects into engaging with your website, the higher are the chances of turning them into potential customers and earning healthy revenues for the business. Remember, around half of the leads choose the first company they communicate with!

Simply said, customers around the world love to voice their concerns, especially with a company that correctly identifies their problems and provide required solutions in accord.

2. Vanilla chat prompts

Consider you have navigated to an ecommerce site and more specifically into the handbags category. Despite the fact you have made up your mind to buy an elegant looking Italian bag, but you’re still unsure which brand to purchase. Instantly a live chat pops out displaying the message, “Hi! How may I help you?”

So what would be your reply to such a greeting? Most of the times the visitors themself are not aware of their exact need or problem, nether knows how to address it. They may typically reply by saying, “nothing in particular, I was just looking through”—a very general answer that is rather useless for both the parties.

Most live chat conversations start with a very common message, “how may I help you?” Again here the message does not sound quite meaningful and a conversation starter, unless you have a very definite question in mind for the live chat agent.

The key difference to understand here is the approach taken by a live chat agent as compared to a digital marketing professional. The above messages are normally opted by customer support teams, whereas, a digital marketer will look to start with more of a conversational approach in order to facilitate a healthy talk with the user right from the go.

3. Proficient chat prompts

Here arises the big question: how do you initiate a relevant and productive conversation? Let’s highlight the above situation again.

Suppose you arrive at the same website featuring Italian brands of handbags, even after an ineffectual conversation with the first live chat agent. After navigating to the website, a new instant chat message appears, “Hi! Which type of handbags would you like to go through?”

As compared to the first one, this message is much better and a direct conversation starter. The question is straightforward, clear, and personalized with the aim to get down to business quickly and help you in locating the perfect handbag as per your needs and the limited budget.

Well how about incorporating such messages to chat prompts?

Try to start the conversation with a message that is more relevant to the nature of your business and offerings and avoid using a general statement. A helpful chat prompt displays a professional outlook, indicating the agent is well-informed with his/her company’s offerings and knows how to deliver a personalized message as meant.

4. Engaging chat prompts

A true chat prompt is not only directed at solving a customer’s problems, but the agent will make sure he is well-informed regarding the core requirements, needs and choices of the customer.

Let’s consider the example of Italian handbags again. While watching a couple of similar handbags associated with unique designs, suppose a question appearing in a live chat window, “HI! Would you like to see different colors and sizes variations in the same design category?”

Now this is something that is bound to start an exciting and engaging conversation. The essence of the message clearly indicates the agent is well-versed with your specific needs and knows how best to handle each client. The conversation will seamlessly guide you to other close variations of the handbag, hence closing the sale in an efficient manner.

Besides the regular questions, the agent will also inquire additional information from you. The point is to understand your core desires and the custom design or feature you want in the product.

5. Incorporating a conversation starter

No matter how much an engaging chat prompt may excite an agent, but the real and basic question stays in place:

How to initiate an interesting and customer-centric conversation?

The most important thing to consider in the above conversation is the way the agent addressed the user in the first place. The concern is to know your target audience well even before they have started to visit your website. A PPC ad will provide you with the right information, while it is the job of the agent to use the tool effectively in order to generate and run a productive and action-oriented conversation.

Final Words

Let’s not forget the fact acquiring large conversions is not as easy as it sounds. And when we talk about optimizing a website, any business which is using outsourced live chat agents needs to see which chat prompt is the best in garnering the most traffic.

The solution comes in the form of devising a communication that is clear, attractive, and problem-solving. So its best advised for the agents to patiently consider the target audience of the business and create chat prompts that are personalized and solely serves the purpose of providing customers what they want, along with acquiring higher conversion rate for the website.