6 Best mobile to do applications


In the present-day’s meddlesome and busy society, a good task management app can certainly help you to organize and manage your to do list andalso prevent last minute panics. The majority of task-management apps work in the same way, based on the “Getting-Things-Done” (GTD) concepts of time-management. Here is a list of top 6 to-do apps for your Smartphone.


Any.DoAny Do features a bright, airy-blue along with white pattern that highlights white space and readable fonts. It’s overall look is good and also fits the smart phone format very well. You can include a new task simply by tapping the entry-box towards the top of home-screen after which typing your text. A “shake-to-clear” function enables you to shake your phone to clear the task list that you have marked as completed.


AstridAstrid sports a standard light blue and white theme. The entry-box for adding a new-task is placed towards the bottom of main display screen. Timer-controls allow you to input the length of time (in hrs and min’s), a task will take to get it done, and also how much time had been invested on it. Additionally, there is a stop-watch tool on the Edit-Task page. It is possible to synchronize your task-lists with other devices operating Astrid by creating a totally free-account on astrid.com


CheckmarkCheckmark is an exciting setup of the task-list, having a major focus on planning your tasks depending on where they must be performed. On very first launch, you are welcomed by a warm and friendly set up wizard that allows you select between kilometers/miles, and then a hint to alter app settings in the iPhone’s-Settings. Checkmark has easy and stylish interface.


RemindersReminders includes a clutter free and user-friendly interface, iCloud integrated, for synchronizing across any iPhone, ipod-touch, iPad that you own, Retina-display support, location based reminders, Siri-integration and it’s own Mac-app. Reminders is also easy to navigate.

Schedule Planner Pro

Schedule Planner ProSchedule-Planner Pro is a dedicated task-manager, targeted at individuals who like their time-tracking data color coded as well as charted out. Making tasks and monitoring them via this app’s built in calendar is actually done by just tapping the ‘Add’-button in the display. After that you can connect values for instance title, category, to and from time estimations and repeat information. The app’s user interface is simple, featuring 5 buttons located in the bottom of display marked: Charts, Calendar, Tasks, Settings and Statistics.


WunderlistWunderlist uses a slightly unique strategy to task lists. Many of these applications are created to help you create separate tasks; if you’d like, then you can group them within a single category. Wunderlist guides you to first make a new list-category title. You then tap the title of the list to be navigated to a different screen where you could include tasks by typing the text in to an entry-box.

These are only a few of the top to do applications for smartphones. There are dozens available to help you organize your day to day tasks in an effective and productive way.

About the author: Ella is writer and blogger, loves to explore and write about various technology and internet trends. Since she got her Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Android Phone she is interested in everything related to its apps and features.