9Slides – Best app for Organizational Training


To meet the difficulties faced by employees and organizations while making presentations, a Washington-based startup, Redmond has come up with an easy and user friendly online presentation platform called 9Slides.com. This online presentation platform helps people share videos and slides, online.

9Slides.com is an easy to use, affordable and customizable platform. It provides a cloud-based editor where a user can synchronize presentations and recorded videos. The slide presentations and videos in 9Slides can be displayed using HTML 5 in any iOS or Android driven device. This solution also supports importing slide presentations in various file formats like PowerPoint and PDF as well as those created in Apple’s Keynote, Prezi, or Microsoft Excel.

9Slides9Slides offers services that are low cost and trouble free. It also provides facilities where users can upload and share things anytime and anywhere, as much as they want. Creating multimedia presentations and uploading files through 9Slides is absolutely free of cost. But there are premium features available too that include password protection for presentations, analytics and ad-free video player and these features can be accessed only by users who pay.

9Slide.com offers facilities for General Training, Organizational Training, Training Seasonal Employees and also has recently launched an iPad App.

General Training

General Training for employees using 9slides.com is very simple, reliable and fast. It is considered as one of the easiest tools that help in showing videos and slides, side by side. Employees acquire straight forward online training which helps them in creating and sharing instructional elements of the slides and videos they have.

Conducting training successfully in 9Slides involves four P’s – Preparation, Presentation, Practice and Poise. Preparation is the initial process where the target audience will be focused on and an overview session will be conducted so as to fulfill their styles, needs and requirements. The user should make sure that the lessons are suitable for the chosen audience. Considering a training session presentation, slideshows are helpful. But, you can choose visuals in the presentation in order to make it look better.

Practice makes man perfect; always navigate through the slides effortlessly and be calm, confident and natural throughout your presentation. A presentation becomes successful when the presenter is poise – stillness and steadiness is quite important while presenting the slides.

Organizational Training

Organizations utilize 9slides.com in a very efficient way as it is an easy, reliable and fast online platform. Rich audio-video presentations can be rapidly created and delivered by organizations using this solution and make their employees use these whenever needed.

Training Seasonal Employees

9slides, the micro training platform also provide quite effective, quick and simple online training for seasonal employees in the organizations. Your content can be created, delivered and measured on any device. 9Slides serves as a great tool in using video slide presentations for sales, training, executive communication and education.

Ipad App

9Slides.com recently launched an iPad App which has made things easier. Audio, video links and commentary to the presentation can be attached directly to the iPad. The process begins with importing the PowerPoint or PDF presentations from Google-Drive, SlideShare, Dropbox or BOX to the iPad. The video commentary can be recorded using the iPad camera. The output can be published and shared online to the target audience.