Android vs iOS – Which is the Best OS for You

Android vs iOS

If you think iPhones are the most popular smartphones, you will be surprised to know that Android phones are equally popular. Yes, Android has caught the fancy of many smartphone users who are upgrading to Android. There’s an intense tech war going on between Android and iOS operating platforms. It’s quite difficult to decide the winner. However, here’s a comparison of the key features of both systems.

User Interface

The home screen in an Android phone is simple and allows you to add or remove icons easily. That said, a few cannot be removed from the home screen. The Android interface allows easy navigation and customisation of icons. However, there seems to be some drawback as there is a variance in the way the operating system functions familiar tasks. The iOS, on the other hand, offer a much more smoother user-experience than the Android or for that matter any of the other operating systems. It is also straightforward and easy to use.

Apps Development

Google gives freedom to app developers while Apple is quite restrictive on app developers. There is no quality check of Android apps available for download. Android has no rules regarding use of content or development tools to create apps. Developers can even use Adobe Flash on Android devices. Apple, on the other hand, has strict rules regarding the use of content and use of development tool. So, you can expect high quality apps from the App Store. Moreover, there are many ways to download Android apps, and you can download apps to your PC and then, transfer them to your device whereas you can download apps for iOS only from the Apple App Store.


Customisation is an absolute plus for Android devices. Android devices are more customisable and flexible when compared to iOS devices. With iOS, there are limited options you can do with the device. Apple does not give freedom to customise many of the key features. That explains why the home screen of all iPhone users looks the same, apart from different background and shortcut of apps.

Android vs iOS

Data Integration

It is easy to manage data on an Android smartphone as it better integrates with various services such as Gmail, Twitter or Facebook. So, it’s much easier to share a photo or video with an Android device. Data integration with iOS is pretty tight.

Final Words

Android operating system is available on many handsets and from more carriers. They also cost less especially with contracts. Apples iOS offers a smooth and unbeatable user experience and perhaps has a choice of the largest numbers of quality apps. IOS is the best option if you are looking for a simple device with the perfect integration of hardware and software, and do not mind spending a large amount of money for that perfect user experience.

About the author: Sienna Williams is a tech blogger. She loves to write on smartphones, tablets, mobile apps, phone recycling and anything related to gadgets. She recommends mobiles users to sell their mobile for recycling while upgrading to a new phone.