Apps to Help Keep Business Owners on Track

google drive

As a modern day corporate professional, you’ll likely be on the lookout for new ways to increase your efficiency within the workplace. In this age, there are plenty of smartphone apps aimed at making life easier for the busy business owner. To pick the cream of the crop, here are five of the most useful applications that you can download for your Android or iPhone.

Google Drive

google drive

Having access to your important information no matter where you are is crucial for any corporate executive. Of course, downloading everything to your laptop isn’t the best solution, especially if you have thousands of documents for your company. Instead, download Google Drive to your smartphone. This app will provide you with 5 GB of free cloud-based storage. If you need more, you can purchase some for a small fee.


Often, you’ll find that pieces of inspiration come when you least expect them to. To help out, Evernote allows you to store and organise small memos and other info, and then share them with anyone relevant. If you have an idea, spot an interesting article or find a relevant commercial text, this app will let you:

  • Take voice notes
  • Share photographs
  • Write personal memos

All of these can be stored over the cloud and accessed through any of your devices. This means you can keep track of all your ideas and inspiration with minimal effort.


Have you ever gone on a business trip and left your business cards at home? The modern world has the ultimate solution to this dilemma: Bump. This app lets you store a virtual business card on your phone. If you meet someone else with Bump, you can share contact details, photos, etc. by bumping your phones together. Send this info to a virtual assistant who can record it in your office databases. In this way, you don’t have to worry about giving incomplete details to potential clients. You’ll also have more confidence while travelling as you can store everything safely on your smartphone to add to your client contacts afterwards.


If you’re a small business, one of the most difficult processes to set up is the credit card transaction. Fortunately, Square has come to change all that, allowing anyone to accept credit card payments through their smartphone. This app helps you keep track of customers and facilitate these online payments. Square has no sign up fee either and will simply take 2.75% of all credit card payments sent to your company. This is an excellent way to use your mobile phone for corporate marketing which can significantly lower your expenses when establishing and running your very own small business.


Our last recommended app is Expensify which, as the name might suggest, will help look after your corporate expenses. It does this by giving the user several abilities including:

  • Tracking business expenses
  • Scanning paper receipts
  • Submitting expense reports

Basically, Expensify lets you see exactly how much you’ve spent while out and about, and then send this information directly to your manager or accountant afterwards. In this way, you won’t make a financial error which results in losses later on.

These are just five of the best apps that you can use to conduct business in a more efficient, accurate manner. By loading these onto your smartphone, you can then keep on top of a number of important tasks from taking notes to tracking expenses. In these modern times, there’s really no better way to boost productivity for the busy business owner. The technology we have available can really do wonders for our lives.

About the author: Established in 1989, Regus is a global provider of business and flexible workspace solutions.