Arduino: The Hit Among Geeks and DIY Fans


About Arduino

Arduino is a programmable circuit board that has gained popularity among a wide range of users including programmers, scientists, designers, hobbyists, hardware hackers and engineers. It helps to add interactivity to objects and projects with electronics and programming. Arduino offers some unique benefits to the user. Let’s look at these benefits:

Why you should use Arduino

The Arduino platform allows you to enjoy fast and easy prototyping. How amazing is it to be able to hook up an LCD and display text in a matter of minutes? Arduino has unparalleled ability to convert the ideas in your mind into some applicable projects. It is a convenient and reliable tool for passionate programmers and hobbyists to express their creativity through real outputs.

Arduino also gives you control when you need to convert prototype into a real product. You can go deep into the microcontroller to eliminate any unwanted items and optimize code. It also provides a lot of pre-wiring and free code libraries for prototyping. It lets you to concentrate on testing your ideas instead of spending your precious time trying to build supporting circuitry and writing tons of low-level code. You are therefore able to develop essential skills without much difficulty using the least time possible.


Resources for beginners to get started with Arduino

Information about Arduino is ubiquitous in the internet, workplaces and programming books. As a beginner, you should try to pull off the following after getting started:

  • Understand an Arduino program
  • Be able to control Arduino outputs
  • Familiarize yourself with the Arduino Board
  • Learn how to communicate with your computer

Below are some of the mostly used resources to get started:

1. Instructables: This is a web-based documentation platform that documents completed projects and shows step-by-step guidelines on how to go about different kinds of projects. There is a lot of information about Arduino, the technology and other interesting topics for learners to get a broad look at Arduino.

2. Arduino Blog: All news related to Arduino, about the latest software and hardware that the Arduino team wants to share is provided in this blog. Interesting projects and other useful information is used to update the blog site and as a user you can ask any question about related topics through this blog.

3. MAKE: This is a hobbyist magazine that covers interesting Do-It-Yourself projects and more information about the technology. Arduino has a subsection in this magazine. You can get great inspirational information from this magazine by reading about the experiences of other successful programmers.

4. E-Radionica: E-radionica is a manufacturer and seller of a wide variety of all sorts of products where you can buy Arduino. There is a well maintained news feed section that introduces or shows off new products and kits. You also have access to quality videos that explain the products and kits and any events the team has led or attended.

5. YouTube: Instead of watching videos that do not add value to the viewer, type the word Arduino in the search box. You will be amazed at how many projects fellow users have shared. Use these videos to help you have a broader look at Arduino and what it yields.

6. Books: Arduino hard copy books and eBooks provide detailed information about the program and its applications. They can be of great help when you are seeking to have an in-depth understanding of Arduino. You can buy them online