Best Android phones for 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4

Android phones have become the latest trends in the market. People find these phones much comfortable to use with and due to which they are becoming highly popular among the customers. There are many brands that offer android phones and this makes the people hard to decide the one which can be suitable for them. Here come certain brands which have so many benefits and features that make them highly appealing to the customers.

Samsung Galaxy – Note 2

This is a cell phone that can be called as phablet as this has the features of both tablet and smart phones in it. The size of this smart phone can be the only factor which can make you have a negative impact on the phone. The rest of the things which include the features are really amazing and can make you only say that it is a real beast among the smart phones. This is the phone that can be a great companion for you as it can provide you provisions for playing games with higher graphics and it has made it much easy to watch movies too. The camera that is available with the phone is of 5 MP that makes it possible for you to take higher quality photos.

Sony XPeria Z

This phone was launched with the excellent features and facilities and is available in much lower price than the other phones which are available with the same kind of functionalities. The money that you spent on this phone is really of great worth as you get the facilities like memory card of 2 GB, The processor of type Quad core and also has a high performance to deliver to the users.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4 is a phone that is seriously looking and has a perfect appearance. The panel that is available with the phone is of plastic and is usually available in black colour. This is the phone that is better that the previous version due to it’s innovative features that have got included in the phone. The screen is really amazing and can be of greater help in watching the movies and other images in higher quality. This phone also allows to take dual shots which allows to take snaps using both the rear and front end cameras simultaneously. The camera that is available with this phone is of 13 MP and it has many other features associated with it that makes it highly appealing.

Samsung Galaxy – Note 3

This is the phone that has much success that the previous version. The memory that is available with the phone is 32 GB which can be extended to 64 GB. The camera resolution that you get from the phone is 13 megapixels. The best Bluetooth headsets that is available with the brand of Samsung is amazing.

Google Nexus 5

This is the phone that has screen resolution of 5 inches and the storage available with it is 16 GB and it cannot be expanded. The camera associated with this phone has only 8 MP as resolution. The battery can last for 17 hours which makes it a perfect choice for people who are frequently engaged in long journeys.

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