Best Beauty Apps on iPhone and Android 2012

Beauty Apps on iPhone

Beauty apps are very useful to have for most people who enjoy makeup or skincare. There are a lot of these available to download, but some are only for either the iPhone or Androids. The good news is that there are a few that are made for both of these platforms. This means that everyone can enjoy being able to use an app they might really enjoy. The best apps out there for 2012 include:

1. Coppertone UV Alert

Most people know just how important skin care is, which includes wearing sunscreen. You should always wear sunscreen when you are outside, but it’s important to know what SPF you should wear as well. This app takes the work out of determining what the UV ray levels are going to be for the day. It will tell you how much SPF to use, what the weather will be like, what to wear and much more! Best of all, this app is free for all users.

2. How to do Your Own Cute Nails

If you are a big fan of painting your nails, this is an app you might love! It features a ton of different videos of ways you can do your nails. Everything from camouflage nails to cupcake nails is featured on this app. It is free to use, but there is a paid version you can download if you want access to premium nail designs. The tutorials on this app actually walk you through on video, so you can watch someone else do it before you try.

3. Haircaster

Most of us have had a great hair day that ends up being completely ruined by the weather. If you want to avoid having a bad hair day, this is a great app to download. It gives you a “hair forecast” that you can use to determine what style of hair you should do for the day. It tells you things like what the humidity, temperature and wind is going to be like for the day. These are all important for any woman to know before she goes out!

4. Good Guide

Want to know how “all-natural” your beauty products really are? This app will scan the barcode and let you know all the details. It can show you the facts about the product so you know whether or not it’s something that is good for you. Using this while shopping can lead to making purchases that you end up really enjoying.

5. Lose it!

This is a weight loss app that helps you with everything from calorie counting to tracking number of pounds you lost. All you have to do is enter in what you eat and how much you exercise; the app will do the rest. This is really useful for anyone who needs motivation with getting in shape and isn’t sure how to get started. By using this you will know what your calorie deficit is each and every day.

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