Best Browser Options For Android


Accessing the Internet is no longer a requirement one has, only when he/she is sitting in office or at home. It is something that people need to do even on the go, whether it is for accessing maps to reach a specific location, or to book movie tickets, check bank balances, or make free video or voice calls to friends through software and apps that run on the Internet. In other words, having Internet all the time has become a must for many people, and they usually access it via phones and tablets.

Of the many smartphones available in the market these days, a lot of them are Android ones. These phones have a browser on them to enable people to access the Internet. Having a good browser is important, so that one can comfortably and conveniently access Internet on the go.

Here are some of the best browser options for Android, which one can download for a good browsing experience.


Utility of the handset is one of the first factors to consider when choosing an Internet browser. Based on what exactly does a person do on the web, or why he/she accesses the Internet from the phone, it becomes easy to settle down on a browser. And if the person uses the net extensively for the purpose of surfing and reading, then Dolphin Browser HD is possibly the best choice. It has the capability to convert the RSS feeds of popular websites into a clutter-free webzine. People can browse easily with various gestures on the touchscreen, which translate into specific instructions and commands. For example, drawing an F starts Facebook, while drawing a circle can reload a page.


This one supports tabbed browsing, and allows a user to sync his/her desktop browser’s bookmarks and settings. The only negative feature that this browser has is that it does not support Flash plug-ins, and does not have too many additional extensions and features. However, it’s neat and simple for regular usage.


This one has a lot of additional features for the users, pretty much like the ones that a user gets on the desktop. For instance, one can opt for the URL Fixer add-on, which corrects common typos when typing in a URL. There is also a feature of making a ‘Reading List’, which is basically a compilation of saved web pages to be read offline. The only issue that people face with this browser is that it takes up a little more RAM than usual, and might take some effort to start up initially. It can be a problem on some lower end or older versions of Android phones, but can work pretty well on the newer versions. Overall, it is best for those who like the idea of add-ons to personalize their browsing experience.

Opera Browsers

There are two kinds of Opera browsers. The full size one is called Opera Mobile, and has a file size of 12 MB, while the other one is Opera Mini, and has a file size of 767 KB. In Opera Mini, whenever one has to browse a page, the browser sends requests to a server, which compresses the pages before appearing on one’s screen. This makes it comparatively faster than Opera Mobile. However, Opera Mobile is better in terms of viewing, as it makes pages look the same as they would look on a desktop. Both the browsers do not support any kind of add-ons, but they allow tabbed browsing, and also let the user sync bookmarks from the desktop Opera browser.

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