Borderlands 2 Game – Preview


Gearbox has developed an action role-playing shooter game and is being published by 2K Games called the Borderlands 2 Game and succeeds Borderlands which was launched in 2009. At the time it was launched it could be played in Window, Xbox and PlayStation 3, and OS X platform. You will see many things that are common in Borderlands and Borderlands 2. Like in Borderlands, in Borderlands 2 players will be leading campaigns and mission in the form of vault hunters. The target is Pandora, a planet.

The game allows for collaboration online and there loots generated randomly which include protective shield and weaponry. There are character building elements which could also be seen in the Borderlands. Broadlands 2 was widely acclaimed when it was released in the year 2012.

The developers have classified the game as shooter and role playing game. Those who play the game opt to be one of the 4 characters. Each has character has skills and performance abilities that is unique to them, like for example their ability to handle a particular weapon. The reward for the player comes in the form of points for experience. Sometimes there is also a reward item given away to players.

Borderlands 2 Game

To win experience players try to kill foes and there is reward for killings that are related to the weapons that players use efficiently. Weapons that are captured also bring in points for players when makes helps build statistics for the games. There are also points for damages caused to weaponry, levels of accuracy, the size of the magazine and things like changes to elements. It may be noted that in Borderlands the total generated weapons totaled 17.75 million. In Borderlands 2 it can go up to much higher levels.

In Borderlands 2, the first game will be endowed with 3 levels forming a skill tree. The other things to look out are costly weapons that can be adapted to particular liking. There are also vehicles that can seat up to persons. There is an element of physics in this game. The refurbished artificial intelligence can be seen in the game. There is also an element of team work in the game.

When you first open Borderlands 2, you will be awestruck to see hunters travel in a train in Pandora. The train, believe is actually a bait laid by Jack which was programmed to explode. The lone surviving vault hunter is rescued by a unit. The survivor vault hunter joints a group called Crimson Raiders a band of radicals who are bent on liquidating Jack.

Borderlands 2 have seen many patches released so far mainly to fix technical issues. As a result of the fixes the game is now smoother. The setting of the game is vastly business like and involves the exploitation of chemicals formed on the crust of Pandora. There is also the mysterious Eridium mineral which Jack the handsome uses to take control over a corporation. By taking control of the corporation Jack is also able to control the local population. As news about the mineral spread far and wide into the outer universe more invaders come to Pandora in search of it.

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