Can the IT Profession Survive Cloud Computing?

Survive Cloud Computing

Many have predicted that cloud computing will be the death of IT as a profession. An infrastructural service that hosts off-site data, reports suggest that companies will look to the cloud to reduce their overheads – using it as an external storage device, and outsourcing their computer operations.

Is a degree in information systems really that outdated?
Not so long ago, a degree in information systems was the route to go for anyone interested in breaking into the IT industry. The possibility that the skill itself is a dying breed is a scary one to persons that considered their job security permanent. Which begs the question: will IT jobs downscale to centralised locations servicing the cloud rather than individual businesses?

Two Reasons that Suggest Otherwise:

Limitations of advantages associated with cloud computing infrastructure
Should a company choose to move some, or all, of their data onto the public or private cloud, the services include IT support. The problem is that this support is not exclusive to a single company, but rather shared amongst all subscribers.

It is well known that cloud computing is still fraught with data loss, security breaches and other service failures. As it’s only a matter of time before these malfunctions affect any company who relies on the cloud, it makes sense that, should a wholesale disaster occur, business-owners will need IT support that is solely devoted to their company.

Value of in-house IT professionals

Seen as a happy medium to avoid incurring unwanted costs and productivity roadblocks associated with cloud computing, employing IT professionals is also necessary for managing data backups, minimising the potential damage of security breaches, and implementing measures of their own to avoid such violations.

The need for skilled IT personnel isn’t going away anytime soon. The benefits of cloud computing aside, it is becoming increasingly clear that integrations with the industry hands themselves is integral to the infrastructure’s success.

Cloud computing is the way of the future – make no mistake about that. It will revolutionise the face of computing and it will become an essential service to most companies; a change that employed tech-heads will need to adjust to. Rather than negating information systems as an employable industry however, cloud computing solutions represent yet another technology trend to keep up with – another currency to learn. The bottom-line being that most businesses will continue to have a very practical reason for keeping on-location IT personnel, meaning the “bright future” attached to IS remains.

About the author: Bella Gray is a technology blogger who has taken an avid interest in market trends and IT as a profession. Working from her office space Manchester on a full-time basis, Gray is the professional go-to-gal for all your tech-related news and solutions.