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Best Parental Control Software for Android & iPhone

gecko monitor software

Parental control apps are used to filter content and monitor the activity of children or other people on the iPhone or Android devices. There is a large amount of inappropriate content available online and even on websites like YouTube where content is screened, and parental control software is designed to filter that content before children […]

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Siri’s integration to automobiles


From having mobile phones that were meant for texting and making phone calls to having smartphones that can do most of the duties previously assigned to computers, we can say that technology is hugely advancing. One of the key features in today’s technology is through an application by Apple Inc. that goes by the name […]

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Apps to Help Keep Business Owners on Track

google drive

As a modern day corporate professional, you’ll likely be on the lookout for new ways to increase your efficiency within the workplace. In this age, there are plenty of smartphone apps aimed at making life easier for the busy business owner. To pick the cream of the crop, here are five of the most useful […]


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9Slides – Best app for Organizational Training


To meet the difficulties faced by employees and organizations while making presentations, a Washington-based startup, Redmond has come up with an easy and user friendly online presentation platform called This online presentation platform helps people share videos and slides, online. is an easy to use, affordable and customizable platform. It provides a cloud-based […]

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5 Steps to a more Effective Test Automation Process

automated testing tool

Every business is automating its processes, and software developers are at the forefront of this revolution. In his book Automate This: How Algorithms Came to Rule the World, Christopher Steiner takes a close look at this phenomena. Algorithms and software can do a lot better job than humans in most traditional businesses. As a consequence, […]


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Boost Your Event Management Capabilities with Event Management Applications

Event Management Applications

Organizing an event is no easy job. From maintaining schedules and attendees to organizing the tickets and spacing, there are hundreds of tasks that need to be managed carefully without compromising the co-ordination level between the parties. Moreover, when the event is held at international level, it requires due diligence in organizing airline bookings, hotel […]


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Are Your Kids on Digital Burnout? 5 Ways to Limit Their Screen Time

iPad games

Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines suggest kids over the age of two should get no more than 1-2 hours of media time per day? Media devices are considered TV, computers, phones, tablets and MP3 players. Do your kids fall in these guidelines? Most children and teenagers exceed that limit especially […]

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When Machine Attack

Machine Attack

Automated machine tools have revolutionised industry but like any other machinery they can go wrong. A CNC failure is usually referred to as a crash. In most cases this only leads to the throwing away of the piece being machined, but in the case of a severe crash it can break the tool being used […]


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Recipe for developing a successful mobile app – 5 step formula

mob apps

With so much of competition these days in the mobile app market, it is important for app developers to understand what exactly it takes to create great apps. Users look for apps that add convenience to their life, and since there are so many options available, they find it easy to uninstall one dissatisfying app […]


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Book Lovers Of The World Unite – A Sneak Peak At Some Great Apps For Those Of You Who Love A Good Read


The ever evolving world of technology makes it far easier for us to find literally anything we want. However, the online world seems to have taken some of the romance out of finding a favourite hardback or paperback and enjoying a good read. With that being said, you can actually use your smartphone to enjoy […]


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