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Canon 70D vs. Canon 7D Comparison Review

Canon 70D

Canon has always been the favorite brand to the photographers’ community and has been introducing gears for pretty much all range of photographers. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional; you can find pretty much everything for you in the range. Canon introduced a professional camera body back in 2008 in the […]


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Easy Photography Lighting Tips

lighting tips

Want to take better photos in low light conditions? When it comes to photography, one of the most important things you need to think about is lighting. Light can make or break your photos. When you learn how to use light appropriately, you’re going to end up with a lot better photographs – no matter […]

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Canon 70D: The Game Changer


Canon has always been a favorite in photographers’ society and photography enthusiasts. A photographer is said to be seeing everything through his/her camera lenses, even when not holding a camera, they imagine things through the viewfinder. And Canon exactly knows and so they come up with products to suit the photographers’ needs. Canon is a […]


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Nikon 70-200: A Photographer’s Dream Lens

Nikon 70-200

Every new Nikkor lens that sports the VR tag seems to do a better job at removing all the unwanted shakiness from a photo. Now, with the AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II, we find a mid-telephoto lens that combines this with a wide aperture to create an optic that can capture zoomed in photos […]


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A Guide To Spy Video Cameras


A spy video camera, also known as a nanny cam, is basically a video camera that is made to be concealed discreetly or made to look like another object, allowing you to place it in plain sight without worrying about anyone getting suspicious. Some of the ways that spy cameras can be concealed are in […]


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Nikon D7100 Camera – Review


The Nikon D7100 camera isn’t any different from its predecessor model D7000 except for some cosmetic changes here and there and the higher pixel rating. Nikon is in no mood to stop manufacturing the old model either. For the moment they want to keep it by the side as well. Some major differences between the […]


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Top 5 Best Security Cameras


A security camera is the element which provides the surveillance outcomes for the extreme situations. In the present days everywhere the security arrangements are offered with inbuilt functions which are necessary in daily life. The functions are like security cameras, video recorders, spy cameras and many more. There are so many varieties of security cameras […]

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Guide To The Best Budget Cameras of 2012


Top 3 Compact Cameras Under $200 6 August 2012 – Photography has increasingly become a hobby more than a profession. In this digital age we’re living in, brands have released many digital compact cameras that produce quality photos— almost exactly like SLR cameras. The best part is some of these digital cameras aren’t too heavy […]

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Find latest tip for make online shopping of Cameras

buy camara

Buying online is now becoming trends and nearly all people nowadays have discovered the session that purchase everything online from camcorders to clothing can preserve them lots of money. Lots of customers love online shopping because it can save your time and as well as you money. When you store for something that is as […]

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How to make a short film with your Smartphone

smartphone camera

I am sure that all of you would agree with me when I say that the best moments in lives come most unexpectedly. There are millions of such occasions when you think you yourself, “If I could film it, how nice it would be?” Like me there are many others who are the victims of […]

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