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Steps to handle Remove Ripoff Report


You often hear the axiom in business circles, that the customer is never wrong. You will therefore see those ringing bells over the consumer complaint sites, which comes in the form of Ripoff Report. Even one of its users is seen posting false and defamatory info regarding a business. The Ripoff Report has simply embarked […]


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What You Should Know About Keywords and Google’s Hummingbird Update

Google Hummingbird

In the world of SEO, the ground tends to shake a little bit when the search giant Google announces a rollout of its fear and famed search algorithm. This past September saw the newest major update happen under the name Hummingbird. The update was meant to serve as a celebration of Google’s 15th birthday, and […]

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How to Use Google Places for Business Promotion


Recent data from Google shows that more than 90% of searches for local businesses are through the online mode. Therefore, it is not enough, if a local business has a website to display its existence online, even if it is located in a prime spot. What matters most is a strong web presence that captures […]


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14 years of Google


Google celebrated their 14th birthday last month, and it’s been a very prolific 14 years. From search engine to augmented reality and driverless cars, Google is everywhere, so let’s celebrate with an overview of 14 of their most important projects and inventions. Of course, everything started with the Google search engine, born out of the […]


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Google gets License for Self-Driving Cars


There’s no doubt – possessing heaps of “self-drive” can “accelerate” your development. Just ask Google and their virtuoso team of engineers who – after years of meticulous research – engendered the technology for self-driven cars.The software giant has honed this breakthrough technology over time to make the experimental cars more advanced and safe as also […]

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Top 3 Search Engine Web Page Ranking Basics


Somehow, every time you run a search on your favorite search engine, no matter how vague you are, you always get results, and most of the time they are relevant. Ever stopped to think about just how they manage to do that? If you were a librarian and someone came up to you and asked […]

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How to Access Google Drive?

google drive logo

Access Google Drive with ‘Nivio’ Engineered are several applications or software devised to facilitate your interface operations between browsers. In fact now you can edit, retrieve the online stored data on Google Drive which is a new online storage domain. ‘Nivio’ is the application which gives you entry into Google Cloud space that contains all […]

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Where can I find driving directions: Discussions?

From and to driving directions

Did you get lost while driving downtown? Or is it a road trip your driving directions are absolutely unsure about? So maybe now you’re in need of a map? You’ve landed yourself in a neat conclusion; you certainly will find your driving directions sorted by using a guide that consists of a ‘to and from […]

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“Girls around Me” developer defends the application

Girls around me

In the recent uproar regarding the privacy purloin by “Girls around me”, social networkers hauled a massive attack upon the Apple induced application in the market. It had been revealed that the application’s usage had become faulty, allowing users to track down information and locations of women thereby giving them access to confidential photos and […]

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What is Google Drive?

Google drive

Google Drive also known as a cloud storage overhaul which is in the developing phase as per the industry rumor. This is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), which can be compared to S3 online storage overhaul of Amazon. Although the rumors about Google Drive also known as G-Drive or Google Cloud Storage overhaul is […]

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