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Why You Need VPN For Android, Even If You Use Your Phone Carefully

Android VPN

Are you an Android user or planning to buy a new Android phone or tablet? You could have already heard about how secure Android is, being a Linux operating system. It is a well know fact that Google is an overt open source proponent. The Android kernel is quite similar to other Linux kernels that […]


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Moving Beyond the Marketing Hype – What does “Unlimited” Web Hosting Really Mean?


The internet is full of web hosts offering “unlimited” web hosting packages. Many people who sign up for such packages wrongfully assume that their services are actually unlimited. Some only realize when they exceed the limits and get penalized by the web host. To avoid falling into the trap, it is important to understand the […]


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All About the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

Blue Screen of Death

The tech giant Microsoft has the world’s most recognizable operating system in the Windows platform, and it has advanced steadily with the times. Despite this, it still possesses an especially distinct problem that is exclusive to the complexity involved in its user-friendly interface: the BSOD, or more grudgingly known to frustrated programmers and consumers, the […]


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Tizen releasing in 2013

tizen os review

Tizen, the new operating system being jointly developed by Samsung and Intel is expected to be ready and make an entry into the mobile world as early as this July’13. Although there has been no official news either from Samsung or Intel regarding the release of the Tizen, but there have been enough hints from […]


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Mobile applications for each individual Mobile operating system


Every mobile operating system will need the applications. So these applications will determine its credibility in the mind of the mobile users. So in this direction, both the mobile applications and the mobile operating systems should have to follow some critical facts in order to make it successful. But the main purpose of the mobile […]

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Windows 8 for Students


Whether you’re thinking of asking for a new laptop for Christmas or thinking of grabbing a cheap one in one of the Black Friday laptop deals, this article is about optimizing the new Microsoft operating system – Windows 8 – for your student lifestyle. Windows 8 brings the experience of ‘apps’ to the laptop, meaning […]

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How to Run a Disk Cleanup on Your Windows 7 Computer


Over time, computers start to slow down. It’s unfortunate, but it is a fact. They can start to bloat with too much information and unnecessary files, viruses can get into the computer, and you could start to see your computer’s performance suffer greatly. You will be able to do several things to help get your […]

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What’s New in Windows 8


After much anticipation and hype, the Windows 8 operating system is finally out. And Gosh! One has to appreciate Microsoft’s efforts in making essential changes and offering the all-new Windows 8. On the first look, the operating system is refreshing and one that looks and feels great. However does the new OS enhance the user […]

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What can we expect from Microsoft during the second half of 2012?


The most anticipated product from Microsoft that has generated a lot of hype and expectations form the general public for the past year and a half is Microsoft’s Windows 8. Windows 8 OS can be used on desktops (business & home), tablets, smart phones, laptops and other touch enabled gadgets. The major difference you will […]

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How different is OS X Mountain Lion different from Snow Leopard


OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is the latest and upgraded version of OS X 10.7. The 10.8 has an addition of 200 plus features with some major upgrades that will leave competition far behind. Like all the other versions of OS X the 10.8 Mountain Lion is mainly inspired by Apple’s IOS software, The same […]

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