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Cool Factoids About the Segway PT

Segway PT

Traveling around on a Segway can be one of the most exhilarating and rewarding ways to move about. Segway’s offer a stylish and comfortable form of transportation that allow you to move faster than foot traffic while using no gas to keep more money in your pocket and prevent unnecessary harm to the environment. And […]


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Travel Apps for iPads – Must for Travelers


You love travelling. But when the time comes to pack your bags and give a start, several questions click in your mind, especially when you are travelling overseas. How to go? Where to accommodate? What to eat? What to carry? What to shop? Your problems can be solved if you have an iPad with you. […]

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How to Protect Yourself Against Online Auto Auction Scams

online car shopping scam

Online fraud in auto auctions cost victims $8 million in 2011 alone. Scam artists use a combination of your desire for a great deal and lack of familiarity with rules in order to accomplish their goal. Here’s how auto auction scams work and how to protect yourself. The Set-up Every auto auction scam begins with […]


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