Convert Orphaned OST File to PST Manually Using 3 Manual Method


Summary: Recovering orphaned OST file in PST format can be the requirement of the hour because of the multiple reasons. Therefore, this blog showcases all the measures to convert orphaned OST file to PST.

“Since last two years, I am using Outlook and it was working very smoothly without any interruption. But suddenly, one day my Exchange server got crashed and my OST file was left but, in an inaccessible state. Now I am unable to open this file either with Outlook or with any other application. I think my file had got orphaned due to this severe crash. What to do now?? Please, someone, help me out in providing a solution to this problem.”

The above-discussed situation depicts the cause where users demand a solution to convert orphaned OST file to PST. The way to tackle with mentioned condition is to recover data from OST to PST . Before starting with measures for the same, first we will be discussing causes due to which OST gets separated from its parent server. So, let’s begin!

What Makes OST File Orphaned?

There are several issues that divide an OST file from its primary server. For clearly understanding the cause, we can categories reasons in two parts i.e., hardware and software reasons.

Hardware Reasons: When the hardware where Exchange database files are stored gets crashed, the OST files get orphaned. Majorly, there are 3 causes of this problem.

  • Failure in Data Storage Elements: If the hard drive comprises of some defected sectors then, you will only be able to read a part of the file. Apart from this, you might face an error message that outlook.ost is orphaned or unavailable.
  • Abnormal or Sudden Power Failure: Sometimes a situation occurs where suddenly the system power fails in such case OST files get separated with its parent server. This condition causes damage to the database and hence, OST file becomes orphaned.
  • Malfunction in the Controller Card: Any kind of malfunction in a card that is used with the Exchange server leads to data loss or corruption. This restricts a person from opening Outlook offline folders, leading to file inaccessibility.

Software Reasons

  • Presence of Virus or Malware: There are several virus attacks that infect or damage the OST storage files. This is the reason why it is strongly suggested to install a quality anti-virus tool for the Exchange machine.
  • Unconscious Human Activities: Human activities like sudden database deletion, unsystematic operating system management, wrong partitioning of storage components, etc., all these might lead to unavailability of the database file.
  • Deny Exchange Server Mailbox Access: In case the parent Exchange server of OST file gets suddenly deleted or disabled then, this will also make OST file orphaned. So, be careful while working with the server.

Convert Orphaned OST File to PST File For Free

There are 3 possible measures by which open orphaned OST file in the form of a PST file. But, for execution of these workarounds, it is mandatory to have Outlook installed on the system.

Measure #1 : Using Microsoft Outlook Export Feature

The solution is applicable only when Outlook is connected to the MS Exchange server. Rest, go through the following steps to recover orphaned OST file data and save in PST format :

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook email application
  • Go to File >> Export to a file and hit on Next
  • From listed options, choose PST option and hit on Next
  • Select all the folders that are to be converted and enable Include sub-folders option
  • Browse the location of exported PST file and click on Finish button

Measure #2 : Using Microsoft Outlook Archive Feature

Step-by-step follow the below-mentioned instructions to convert orphaned OST file to PST file:

  • Launch MS Outlook program on your PC
  • Navigate towards File >> Archive option
  • A screen will appear where you have to select the folder or file for archiving
  • Locate the path of resultant Outlook PST file
  • At last, click on OK button for initiating the targeted process

Measure #3 : Create a New PST File for Orphaned OST

This workaround involves recovery of items from orphaned OST file and creation of a new PST file, as the new startup :

  • Open MS Outlook email application on your local machine
  • Create a new PST file in your existing Outlook profile
  • At last, drag and drop all mailbox folders that are to be moved in PST format

Still Problem Exists??

There are many challenges faced by end users at the implementation time of free solutions. Being a novice user, it might be difficult for a person to deal with orphaned OST file. Therefore, users can leverage to an alternative solution that involves usage of the third-party tool. The product name is OST to PST file converter, which deeply scans file to recover orphaned OST file data and export them in PST format. Through this measure, an individual will be able to convert orphaned OST file to PST without Outlook installation. Working with this measure will definitely make you feel like icing on the cake, providing clients a satisfactory output.