Cool Factoids About the Segway PT

Segway PT

Traveling around on a Segway can be one of the most exhilarating and rewarding ways to move about. Segway’s offer a stylish and comfortable form of transportation that allow you to move faster than foot traffic while using no gas to keep more money in your pocket and prevent unnecessary harm to the environment. And with so many options, here are a few of the coolest features of the Segway PTs that will leave you ready for a life on two wheels.


One of biggest issues surrounding automobiles and other forms of transportation these days is that of global warming and expelled carbon emissions from vehicles. When an automobile uses gasoline for fuel, it produces CO2 as a waste product, which is extremely harmful for the environment. And because of this, gas-using engines cannot be used indoors, as the emitted gases are poisonous to humans and can lead to respiratory trouble, illness, or even death.

Segway PTs, though, produce zero-emissions when moving, and can be used inside and out of doors. While they acquire electricity through recharging, Segway PTs allow individuals to produce around fourteen times less greenhouse gases per year than if they were to solely use a car.
Segway PT

Zero-Turning Radius

Ever had trouble pulling into a tight parking spot because of the turning radius of your vehicle? Not on a Segway PT. These machines have a zero-turning radius, meaning that while standing on one you can rotate in a complete circle, without moving forwards or backwards. Parking has never been easier!

All Digital Dashboard

Similar to cars, Segway PTs have seen technological increases over the past years. Instead of operating by use of analog interfaces, Segway PTs all possess digital dashboards that can be easily seen and manipulated by the driver of the machine. This dash consists of a wireless device that connects to the technology inside of the Segway PT, and can display such important information as speed, battery life, and a variety of other connectivity-related metrics.

Not Just For the Road

While Segway PTs might traditionally be used when traveling on smooth surfaces, some models have now been created to be used specifically for off-road purposes. These Segway PTs feature large, treaded wheels that can travel over a variety of surfaces, handbag and water bottle holders for longer adventures, and universal cargo plates that allow you to bring with you everything you might need on your excursion away from home.

Travel At Night

Just like other forms of wheeled transportation, Segway PTs can be used to travel throughout the entire day, and are safe to use even through the night. You can accessorize your Segway PT with a variety of LED lights for visual safety, and you can also include a backlight to be seen by traffic coming from your rear. Segway PTs can also be customized with reflector pieces, a necessary piece of equipment for those wishing to travel safely after the sun has set.

Riding Along on Two Wheels

Riding on a Segway PT is one of the most comfortable and efficient ways to travel around on two wheels. If you are looking to stand up while you travel, read this to learn about the machines, and step up to your new way of racing around the world.

About the author: Brian Sheridan writes on car mechanics, the ATV and quads, the auto industry, science, technology and other subjects as well.