Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel


Social media has gained a special place of importance in all fields. What started as a place meant for social networking has now evolved in to a major place of business transaction. Social sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts are free to use, and so, young and old alike have accounts with these sites. Out of all the social sites, YouTube follows a unique way of interacting through videos. This has largely attracted the nonprofit organizations, individuals and small & large companies. They show great interest in creating YouTube channels as it gives you the liberty to put all the information in a definite place.

Creating a YouTube channel is free of cost and can be done within minutes. It does not involve a lot of backend work; even people with no technical knowledge can create a channel for themselves. With four simple steps you can create a branded YouTube channel. Let’s look at them in detail:

Background Image

Background images make up most part of the YouTube channel’s visual appeal. Therefore, it is highly important to maintain the professional look and also to work around with color schemes. The color schemes must perfectly match with your brand to be pleasing to the eyes of the viewers. You can design it yourself or hire a designer, or better still, use tools that can design. Whichever method you choose, the size of the design needs much attention. The size has to be standard to avoid problems like images getting repeated, pixelated or cropped out. It is highly important to make sure that the file does not exceed 256k in size.

Resizing Logos

Based on the customization process of the YouTube channel, it is mandatory to create images and logos before you upload. You can design a logo in Photoshop or you can hire your own designer. This raw logo requires a little bit of tweaking making sure that it fits the requirements of the YouTube channel. The image must be 800/800p and in a size of about 2mb or less than that. You can do the tweaking part by part using Photoshop. The logo should look simple and neat. Limited images and texts in the logo are appreciated by viewers and experts.

Design the YT channel

Now, you need to style your YouTube channel inside YouTube. The steps that need to be followed are:

  • Login to your YouTube account
  • Your username from the right top corner has to be selected
  • A drop-down box appears from which the “channel” option has to be selected
  • Select the “theme and colors” button which can be found below the search bar
  • Select the “new theme” link and click on show “advanced options”

You can start creating it by playing around with the colors and title texts. This is a visual editor allowing you to edit. Do not forget to include the background image for your YT channel.

Logo Thumbnail

Upload the logo by accessing the settings option. A default tab having the change default image option opens up and you simply have to click on ‘change the picture’. Now, you can upload the new image and save the changes made.

Equally important is managing the YouTube channel you have created. You may like to post the TV advertisement of your brand on YouTube channel. There is no harm in doing it, but you also need to be thoughtful in creating unique videos that appear at different times. No viewer would like to watch the same video for a long time. YouTube leaves you with plenty of options where the audio of your own choice can be linked to the video. You must be open to comments and be quick to respond to them. Any comment, be it positive or negative, should be answered diligently. This creates a liking for your brand by the viewer. You can also enable sharing the video on other sites by viewers. This makes your video go viral without you spending even a single penny for it.

Creating and managing your YouTube channel is interesting. You need to adopt the latest advancements in technology and embed them in your videos. Make the video interesting so that the viewer never gets bored watching it. I think by now, you would have got the idea behind brands changing their ad videos frequently. You can also refer to some popular brands who have tasted success in YouTube. This will be a self motivating factor enabling you to create a unique video for your brand.

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