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To be able to build an effective supply chain network, it is important to plan a system that is replete with advanced technologies, skilled people and streamlined processes. The world is moving at an incredible pace. Technologies that were new yesterday have become old and obsolete today. Similarly what was relevant to customers just a day ago seem to be replaced by an entirely new set of expectations and demands.

Disruptions Keep Coming; the Show Must Go On

Businesses should build supply chains that can withstand disruption and shield against adversities

Companies need to embrace the fact that change will be constant. Despite the ever-changing environment and even in the face of challenges, they need to ensure that operations are run smoothly, work isn’t hampered, and business is still on the path of progress.

Managers need to make sure that as the environment changes, the business is able to adopt flexibility and ensure success with respect to customers and profits. Business needs to put in place the right fundamentals which can drive it to the needed results. Supply chain is the prime focus because it is the linkage between the makers and the users; i.e. the business and its customers. So it is essential that the business is able to build a supply chain network that can manage change well and shield the business against unwanted adversaries.

One such aspect that has revolutionized the world is the advent of the digital era. Digital is defining how we live and breathe. Digitization has affected almost all parts of our lives and it’s no different for businesses as well. Advanced digital technologies are touching the very grass-roots of business, and overhauling completely the way operations are performed, giving way to a new era of conducting business.

Robust Supply Chain: The Differentiator

Digital is not just the software; it is the strategy and philosophy of business.

Thanks to this ‘digital’ phenomenon, companies are riding a wave of disruption, giving up dependency on tradition and adopting agile and exciting ways of serving stakeholders. The affect of this digitization is great on the supply chain. Businesses have realized that the only way to make a difference to their consumers and create a solid footing in the ever-changing market is to focus on creating a robust supply chain network, one that is able to help the business differentiate itself from tough competitors.

Businesses need to realize that they cannot tap into full potential unless they focus on reinventing and recreating their supply chain strategy. For businesses to become truly digitized with respect to their supply chain, it’s simply not enough to include bits and pieces of technology in their system or simply add, remove or replace old software with a new one. This does not make a supply chain digital.

The real meaning of going digital is in fact, overhauling the entire system. Building a digital supply chain network means reinventing the supply chain strategy and creating a network that connects different segments and creates one network out of disparate functions and enables smooth flow of material, talent and information.

Have Digital-Native Supply Chains

A supply chain network that has digital in its DNA is posed for the long run

The competitive world requires companies to transition from a ‘digitally enhanced’ supply chain network to a system that has digital ingrained in its being. A supply chain network that has digital in its DNA is the one that is posed for the long, treacherous run in the market. A digital supply chain offers businesses a number of difficult-to-beat competitive advantages.

To begin with, digital helps the supply chain to develop new synergies. Working in silos is a dangerous proposition. Communication is essential and that’s what a digital supply chain helps the organization to attain. With a digital supply chain in place, you have access to invaluable information, thanks to all the advanced analytics. Real-time information on market, suppliers, customers and competition, helps you to fully understand what needs to be done to serve your customers and how you can leverage the existing system to unlock full potential and delight them.

Globalization has made the world smaller and more compact. Businesses are taking advantage of the enhanced trade and collaboration opportunities and expanding their base. With digitization in place, businesses have the power to rapidly tap into new markets, build new offerings and scale up operations.

Organizations looking to deliver unmatched experiences with a world-class supply chain structure will continue to implement advanced digitization to induce an enhanced wave of collaboration and productivity. Thanks to increased focus on going digital, supply chain analytics structures will be more connected, intelligent, scalable and rapid than traditional supply chain management.

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The 5-point Advantage of Implementing SAP AMI Wed, 26 Jul 2017 10:47:41 +0000 One of the biggest challenges faced by many enterprises worldwide, including governments and utility organizations, is implementing smart meter technology. Today, SAP’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure, or SAP AMI, is acting as a game changer, offering utility companies the perfect platform to provide energy-related solutions intelligently and efficiently.

The implementation of SAP AMI allows utility companies to offer on demand support in managing meters remotely. SAP AMI acts as a bridge between the meters and the back end system, which reduces the total cost of ownership for the enterprise. All the enterprise needs to do is to adopt a SAP utilities system, enabling it to carry out multiple advanced processes available in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

Here is an insight into SAP AMI and the five-point definite advantage of implementing SAP AMI.

An overview of Advanced Metering System and SAP AMI

At its core, Advanced Metering System is one that is designed to measure and collect real-time information, allowing enterprises to analyze their needs and performances. Advanced metering systems use advanced devices such as smart electricity meters, gas meters, smart water meters, etc. Advanced Metering Infrastructure enables effective communication between the back end channel of the enterprise and its advanced smart meters.

SAP AMI is a service that offers integration services for utility enterprises between their metering processes and backend systems. The background for SAP AMI can be traced from the inception of SAP AMI Lighthouse Council formed by SAP and seven participating utility companies. The objective of formation of SAP AMI Lighthouse Council was to address the need for an AMI from the back office to the meter. The core objectives of SAP and its participation with utility companies were to devise a channel allowing integrating SAP portfolio for market-leading AMI systems.

Multiple advantages of implementing SAP AMI

SAP AMI is allowing enterprises including public utility companies to take the next technological leap in their smart metering systems. Here are some of the core advantages that enterprises adopting SAP AMI can get compared to enterprises still doing business the traditional way.

1: Effective free flow communication

One of the essential advantages of implementing SAP AMI is that it creates a free flow of communication between the meter and the back end channel. AMI ensures that more reliable information is communicated as it automates the entire meter reading process without any manual intervention.

For enterprises that opt for implementation of AMI, usually Master Data Exchange (MDE) is automatically enabled between the SAP backend and a Meter Data Unification and Synchronization system (MDUS system). This ensures enterprises get access to information related to certain pre-selected activities transmitted as per their needs. As a result, enterprises are able to offer services like installation, removal, or replacement of the meter device to bring about any changes in the device in real-time.

2: Automation of time-consuming manual tasks

With SAP AMI, automation is the name of the game. All manual practices like installation of a new meter to checking feasibility of installation, reconnection, or disconnection requests are now automated thanks to SAP AMI.

For instance, power companies using SAP AMI can now offer commercial and industrial units accurate and relevant information about their electricity usage and subsequent costs. This can ensure big enterprises using high volume of power can manage their energy usage swiftly and save on both costs and energy.

Power companies can read meters remotely, eliminating any travel time for manual meter readings. The use of SAP AMI also allows for much more accurate readings, ruling out the manual error in various meter-related tasks.

3: Mapping Advanced Meters in the SAP system

SAP AMI allows mapping of advanced meters or devices as device information records. This effectively allows the organization to communicate using AMI and use the Plant Maintenance (PM) component in an unprecedented way. A smart device, like a smart meter for example, corresponds to one dedicated piece of equipment in the plant maintenance.

By creating a device in the SAP utilities, the system automatically creates a piece of equipment in PM which is uniquely identified. This results in getting accurate device information records including customer information and billing cycle reports.

4: Enhancing AMI Capabilities

Adoption of SAP AMI enables enterprises to enhance the AMI functionality available in the SAP utility systems. Effectively, enterprises can carry out processes in an advanced metering infrastructure including advanced meter readings and disconnection and reconnection of advanced meters. Back-end operations linked to smart meters allow for messaging protocols allowing to instant request operating state for all linked meters.

5: Offering of attractive price conditions for consumers

With SAP AMI enterprises are able to offer billing services based on actual usage by checking data consumption and meter reading remotely. By reducing manual operations, enterprises are saving costs which can be passed on to end users in terms of attractive price conditions.


Conclusion: SAP AMI is helping utility companies bridge the important back end channel with their metering devices. It is no surprise that SAP AMI is today one of the most popular technology tools helping Digital transformation consulting companies take the next technological leap.


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8 Steps to Improve Cyber Security Tue, 25 Jul 2017 06:28:19 +0000 Cyber security has always been a primary concern for businesses across the globe and the recent ransomware events raised the stakes sky-high. Most of the corporations now are putting all their efforts in boosting cyber defence security.

On the other hand, hackers are constantly scheming to access confidential data hence remain up-to-date with the latest technologies as they arrive. In addition, we’re dealing with more and more data that’s being shared and stored in many different ways.

Consequently, businesses need all the more awareness over the risks and countermeasures to the cyber defence security in line with the latest developments in SOC services and industry as a whole. Boosting cyber security is the only way to counter potential threats and here’re a few ways to do so

1. URL shorteners: Ban & route
If you’re wondering why sidestep the URL shorteners such as “” and other such; most of these trigger viruses in a computer and things may end up rough if that virus turns out to be a ransomware assault. URL shorteners especially in phishing emails must be avoided at all for a user has no idea where the link would redirect. Although anti-malware or antivirus tools may prevent the page from ever loading, users should be careful from their end.

2. Let the browsers https
It’s a good thing both Google Chrome and Firefox have this feature. Lots of websites have logons on http where credentials you enter are in plaintext on your network or even in general, internet routine path exposing the logons. Firefox now come with default feature to smack users accessing auto-fill on http websites. Most of the users are unaware of this and if a website has an http logon feature; it requires turning ON the security loops.

3. The asset list – Monthly update
In terms of technology as well as cyber defence security, much had changed! Insurance companies nowadays love receipts and keep the things in order and so do the police departments. Most of the web activities are being monitored just to make sure nothing like WannaCry or Petya happens again. Another way to keep things streamlined and safer on the internet is updating the credential such as passwords or a particular serial list least every month.

4. Browser certificates: Go through & delete
Yet another way to boost cyber defence measures is by ridding browser certificates. Whenever redirected, users ought to receive an error message so that they don’t take in something that arrives inevitably; in this instance a forged certificate page that reads “open-wide”. A key management system and something that provides rigorous enforcement is required.

5. Keep the workforce educated & informed
It’s important that everyone associated to the organisation is well aware about different types of cyber threats and their role in safeguarding confidential details. This can be achieved through regular training, regulating details among the peers and well-implemented plan.

6. Improve user password
All employees should be aware of the threats posed by weak passwords that are prone to crack easily by smart hackers. In fact, a Data Breach Investigating Report by Verizon in 2016 concluded that more than 63-percent data breaches are caused by weaker passwords so try going for long and variable ones. Don’t use a single password for all websites; especially social media!

7. Effective email management
While taking the bigger steps, it’s easy to miss simple things such as managing emails regularly. Make sure all the employees are careful and well-aware of the threats that occur through unidentified and malicious emails; especially those come with attachment. Don’t open or download any attachment unless you’re certain of its source.

8. Try new technology
Biometric identification such as iris and fingerprint scanner, voice and facial recognition so on are rising rapidly. Other developments for boosting up the security include User and Entity Behavioural Analytics and Endpoint Detection and Response so on. You should try these alongside the stronger password.

Now is the finally the time when you step into a larger world of cyber defence security in the wake of ransomware and other such foul play.

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Convert Orphaned OST File to PST Manually Using 3 Manual Method Sun, 23 Jul 2017 05:50:54 +0000 Summary: Recovering orphaned OST file in PST format can be the requirement of the hour because of the multiple reasons. Therefore, this blog showcases all the measures to convert orphaned OST file to PST.

“Since last two years, I am using Outlook and it was working very smoothly without any interruption. But suddenly, one day my Exchange server got crashed and my OST file was left but, in an inaccessible state. Now I am unable to open this file either with Outlook or with any other application. I think my file had got orphaned due to this severe crash. What to do now?? Please, someone, help me out in providing a solution to this problem.”

The above-discussed situation depicts the cause where users demand a solution to convert orphaned OST file to PST. The way to tackle with mentioned condition is to recover data from OST to PST . Before starting with measures for the same, first we will be discussing causes due to which OST gets separated from its parent server. So, let’s begin!

What Makes OST File Orphaned?

There are several issues that divide an OST file from its primary server. For clearly understanding the cause, we can categories reasons in two parts i.e., hardware and software reasons.

Hardware Reasons: When the hardware where Exchange database files are stored gets crashed, the OST files get orphaned. Majorly, there are 3 causes of this problem.

  • Failure in Data Storage Elements: If the hard drive comprises of some defected sectors then, you will only be able to read a part of the file. Apart from this, you might face an error message that outlook.ost is orphaned or unavailable.
  • Abnormal or Sudden Power Failure: Sometimes a situation occurs where suddenly the system power fails in such case OST files get separated with its parent server. This condition causes damage to the database and hence, OST file becomes orphaned.
  • Malfunction in the Controller Card: Any kind of malfunction in a card that is used with the Exchange server leads to data loss or corruption. This restricts a person from opening Outlook offline folders, leading to file inaccessibility.

Software Reasons

  • Presence of Virus or Malware: There are several virus attacks that infect or damage the OST storage files. This is the reason why it is strongly suggested to install a quality anti-virus tool for the Exchange machine.
  • Unconscious Human Activities: Human activities like sudden database deletion, unsystematic operating system management, wrong partitioning of storage components, etc., all these might lead to unavailability of the database file.
  • Deny Exchange Server Mailbox Access: In case the parent Exchange server of OST file gets suddenly deleted or disabled then, this will also make OST file orphaned. So, be careful while working with the server.

Convert Orphaned OST File to PST File For Free

There are 3 possible measures by which open orphaned OST file in the form of a PST file. But, for execution of these workarounds, it is mandatory to have Outlook installed on the system.

Measure #1 : Using Microsoft Outlook Export Feature

The solution is applicable only when Outlook is connected to the MS Exchange server. Rest, go through the following steps to recover orphaned OST file data and save in PST format :

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook email application
  • Go to File >> Export to a file and hit on Next
  • From listed options, choose PST option and hit on Next
  • Select all the folders that are to be converted and enable Include sub-folders option
  • Browse the location of exported PST file and click on Finish button

Measure #2 : Using Microsoft Outlook Archive Feature

Step-by-step follow the below-mentioned instructions to convert orphaned OST file to PST file:

  • Launch MS Outlook program on your PC
  • Navigate towards File >> Archive option
  • A screen will appear where you have to select the folder or file for archiving
  • Locate the path of resultant Outlook PST file
  • At last, click on OK button for initiating the targeted process

Measure #3 : Create a New PST File for Orphaned OST

This workaround involves recovery of items from orphaned OST file and creation of a new PST file, as the new startup :

  • Open MS Outlook email application on your local machine
  • Create a new PST file in your existing Outlook profile
  • At last, drag and drop all mailbox folders that are to be moved in PST format

Still Problem Exists??

There are many challenges faced by end users at the implementation time of free solutions. Being a novice user, it might be difficult for a person to deal with orphaned OST file. Therefore, users can leverage to an alternative solution that involves usage of the third-party tool. The product name is OST to PST file converter, which deeply scans file to recover orphaned OST file data and export them in PST format. Through this measure, an individual will be able to convert orphaned OST file to PST without Outlook installation. Working with this measure will definitely make you feel like icing on the cake, providing clients a satisfactory output.

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Convert DBX to PST and Migrate Outlook Express to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 Sun, 16 Jul 2017 08:23:35 +0000 Having a lot of confusion when choosing a perfect solution to export emails from Outlook Express to PST? Now, users major doubt ends up with the help of our DBX to PST Converter. The software offers many reliable and trustworthy features, which makes it the best utility to convert DBX to PST file format or any other mail client that supports DBX files. Before discussing the software, initially, the users must need to understand about Outlook Express and the common reasons behind the migration from Outlook Express to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and below version.

What is Outlook Express?

Outlook Express is an email application, which permits the user to store each message in .dbx file format. Also, it can easily send, receive and manage each email messages in a proper manner. Even there are several email clients available and Outlook Express is the most popular of them all. All the users have .dbx files of Inbox email folder named as Inbox.dbx and sent email folder to have its sent.dbx and so on. The users can also copy the Outlook Express DBX files to different location for future purpose.

What is Outlook PST File?

The Microsoft Outlook data storage files are known as PST files. Such files do not only just contain emails, but also consists Calendars, tasks, contacts, and much more. As Microsoft Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 is being used in various organizations, therefore most of the users are much familiar with PST file format.

Reason to Convert DBX to PST File Format

There are plenty of reasons due to which the users need to migrate Outlook Express to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 PST format those are discussed below:

  • Microsoft Outlook is more popular among all the users as compared to the Outlook Express
  • Outlook is an email client, which is commonly used by professional users
  • Outlook is more secure and reliable that can save complete data only in one file format, which is PST type
  • Outlook is only for those users who want to connect with the modern technology and allows to view data in its proprietary file format i.e. PST (Personal Storage Table).On the Other hand, DBX cannot be accessed on Outlook. So, they are unable to view their previous emails of Outlook Express.

Aspects Behind the Conversion

The main factors leading to migration of users towards MS Outlook includes:

  1. Outlook Express offers only the email support to the user. However, Microsoft Outlook comes out to provide multiple advanced features such as email, contact management, notes, appointments and so on. Thus, users do not want to restrict themselves only to email services. Thus, they start migrating towards MS Outlook for better results.
  2. The Outlook Express has been attacked by a virus infection. It enables the script automatically and allows the entry of bugs accidentally. On the other hand, Outlook is equipped with effective security mechanism and makes it complex for the virus to attack the system. So, keep in mind the security concern, MS Outlook has been currently used.

Resolution to Convert Outlook Express DBX to Outlook PST

There are multiple solutions available to convert DBX into PST format. But sometimes the novice users unable to transfer the data files towards Outlook PST format. Thus, users need to know that how to migrate all emails from Outlook Express to Outlook PST, one go for further manual methods that are available but, such tricks need to be more cautious, require complete knowledge about the Outlook Express and Outlook, consume too much time while transferring the data. Although any wrong step leads to the loss of very crucial data. Non-technical users usually get fail to import DBX files into PST format. Therefore, it is advised to go for the help of an alternate solution. The best tool to utilize, for this purpose is DBX to PST Converter software. Until now, this software had proved itself as a trustworthy and reliable and also capable of performing the migration task very easy and rapidly.

Why Outlook Express to Outlook Converter Tool Prefers Only?

Convert DBX to PST tool comes up with many unique features, which makes the product a trustworthy solution. It is an easy and trouble free way to convert Outlook Express data files to into PST file. Some of the major tasks performed by this application are:

  1. Export Multiple emails from Outlook Express DBX to Outlook PST format
  2. Easily to convert a large file as required regardless of the size of the file
  3. Software also maintains the data integrity in an original file format.
  4. Display an instant preview of all attachments of an email
  5. Easily export and save selective files/folders from DBX to PST software


Although the availability of many software for the conversion of Outlook Express to Outlook PST format, the popularity of DBX to PST Converter tool is being gained. This proves that this utility actually comes up with some attractive and commendable features and this tool satisfy the need of all users.

Why the Availability of a Live Chat Feature is Important for Lead Generation of Your Business Sun, 16 Jul 2017 08:19:03 +0000 No matter how experienced personnel you have in hand to run your company, but without ample (or preferably growing) leads, there is no chance you can bear fruit form all your hard work and expertise.
Simply speaking, lead generation is a process of recognizing and targeting potential fresh customers, a.k.a. leads, with the aim to direct them to make successful purchases of your brand. Ideally, each business dreams to convert every online visitor into a potential and long–lasting customer. But the case is not that easy as said! Despite other promising methods, acquiring the use of a live chat tool is among the mighty options of generating healthy leads.

Familiarize your customers with the availability of your live chat feature

The online chat usage among the global customer base had risen quite drastically over the past few years: from 38% in 2009, to 43% in 2012, and around at 65% in 2015, as per the article published by Forrester. The figures easily indicate that more and more customers are now visiting websites with the intention of interacting with the company representative via the live chat medium.

By aiming the exposure of the live chat feature on your website and through search engines, the business is making it easy for customers to contact them via a direct communication channel.

lead generation by familiarizing your availability through the tool

So what are the reasons for the lead generation by familiarizing your availability through the tool?

  • Live chat greatly diminishes the users waiting time, hence an improved customer experience. Also, the more the number of live chat requests, more the burden will be off from the phone support jobs. This means the less crowded waiting lines will not frustrate the customers for longer periods to wait for support agent to cater their needs. Hence, a quicker customer dealing will tempt further customers to follow suite and acknowledge as the additional sales figures for the company.
  • Live chat elevates advertising exposure, hence, encouraging browsing of your website. Due to the fact that customers need to navigate to your website in order to use the live chat, using the feature will leave them exposed to lead producing advertisement, beneficial just in case they must have missed the crucial lead generation instance otherwise.

Take the following example for consideration:

Michael is looking to talk to a customer service rep regarding the order of a couple of T-shirts he placed last week. He correctly remembers that the company, for instance, ABC Garments Inc. through which he placed the order has a live chat icon on their website, therefore, wishing to contact the company through his preferred medium. To start the conversation with a live chat agent, Michael lands on the landing page, only to see an attractively made advertisement featuring a weekend-long sale—25% off on all the summer T-shirts collection. Michael recalls the last time he shopped through the same company, he had thought about purchasing a nice T-shirt for the upcoming hot season, but did not do anything to pursue the product. This has made Michael a lead for the company! By the time the visitor is about to initiate the live chat conversation, the agent is well-aware that Michael can become a potential customer, hence, will plan his messages accordingly.

By acquiring the use of the company’s live chat tool, Michael will be regularly exposed with the promotional content of the business, which won’t be the case if the communication had occurred through a phone call or email. After the completion of the conversation, the two-way benefit is now on the move: Michael has his questions satisfactorily answered, and the agent has registered a new customer for the business.

  • Live chat enhances the performance of the search engine. A higher dwell time among your visitors, you can effectively promote your website’s ranking in search engines, which calls for new customers and additional leads.

While the easiest way to ensure your presence is affirming is to place the live chat button on your website in a prominent area. Companies should not add chat to website just for the sake of making the live chat feature available, rather an attractive design would go well to enhance the presence and attraction of the website.

Access Lotus Notes Via Outlook To Read Lotus Email In Outlook 2010/13 Wed, 05 Jul 2017 10:45:59 +0000 Lotus Notes is an email application by IBM and on the other hand, Outlook is a product by Microsoft. It is true that Notes is enough complex as compared to MS Outlook. And this is the main reason for a user to switch to MS Outlook and they want to access Lotus Notes via Outlook as it is an easy email client with too many features. There are many individuals across the world that are using Notes as their primary email client. So they must have a bulk of emails which they want to move to Outlook in a simple way. In this article, we will resolve the issues regarding, “Can you access Lotus Notes from Outlook?” by the following solutions.Access Lotus Notes via OutlookTo open Lotus Notes in Outlook, it is required to know about the basic file formats that are supported by these two different email clients.

Lotus Notes: The archive files or NSF (also known as Notes Storage File) is supported by IBM Lotus Notes. It is a database file which is used to store emails, journals, events, calendars, etc. But there are a number of NSF files that include such data items.

Outlook: If it comes to Microsoft Outlook, it stores the emails and other items in PST file format. It is a Personal Storage Table file which is used to store all the data items like emails, calendars, notes, journals, etc in a proper and organized way.

Reasons to Read Lotus Email in Outlook

There are many reasons that one want to open Lotus Notes through Outlook. Some are:

  • Technical Knowledge: For a non-technical user, it is difficult to use Lotus Notes due to its complex interface and functionalities. But if we talk about Outlook, there is no requirement of any technical assistance.
  • Multiple Account access: Lotus Notes does not allow a user to access multiple email accounts in Notes at the same time. But he can access multiple accounts in Outlook.
  • Interface: The User Interface of the MS Outlook email client is easy as compared to Lotus Notes. It is an easy task for any beginner to access and use that application. A user can access Lotus Notes via Outlook also.
  • Maintenance cost: The purchasing and maintenance cost of Outlook is very less as compared to Notes. There are some inbuilt utilities that can easily repair corrupted PST files in Outlook.
  • Access by Smart Devices: It is easy to access emails in Outlook in smart devices like Mobile phones, tabs, etc. As Lotus Notes is a desktop application which can only be accessed from the system. With the help of Outlook email application, a user can also view Lotus Notes email in Outlook.

Method to Access Lotus Notes Mail from Outlook

You can read Lotus Notes mail in Outlook 2010/ 13 by the following a two-step process as discussed:

  • Export Lotus Notes NSF file
  1. First, you need to create a backup of NSF file on your local disk to reduce the chances of corruption of file at the time of Import process and to access Lotus Notes via Outlook easily.
  2. Now open IBM Notes application and NSF database file which you want to migrate.
  3. Click on File >> Export in the email client.
  4. Select the desired location and save the file in Comma Separated Values file format.
  5. Rename the NSF file and click on Export button. Now you can process to next step to move Lotus Notes database to Outlook.
  • Read Lotus Notes File through Outlook
  1. Open Microsoft Outlook application.
  2. Click on File >> Import.
  3. Select Import from another program or file. Then click on Next button.
  4. Select CSV(Comma Separated Value) option. Now browse the location where you have saved your NSF file. Check the Replace Duplicates option.
  5. Select the folder at the destination location where you want to import the data of the NSF file in Outlook and click on Next button.
  6. Then end the process, click on Finish button.

Drawbacks of Manual Approach

For non-technical users, getting their data and access Lotus Notes via Outlook directly or by a manual method is a difficult task. If any user is moving and reading multiple files with a huge amount of data, then there is a possibility that he might lose his data by above manual approach. If the NSF database file is corrupted and inaccessible to the user, then also Outlook email application won’t allow a user to open Lotus Notes emails in Outlook.

Expertise Solution

Safety of the data is the first priority of any user. Above discussed method in little complex and lengthy for a non-technical user. You can go for an automated solution through which you can easily access Lotus Notes mail from Outlook in a simple way. The application is quite easy because of its user-friendly interface. Any non-technical person can run and use this tool. It is a hassle free solution for all the users who are looking for the best solution to access Lotus Notes via Outlook.


In this article, we have discussed the entire relevant information the details of NSF files in Lotus Notes and PST in Outlook, reasons for the migration and manual procedure to access Lotus Notes via Outlook. One can follow above steps to migrate Lotus Notes emails to PST easily. It is easy and simple to move the complete data with the help of a third-party solution without any data loss.

Why Enterprise Strategies Must Continue Evolving Around the Ever Dynamic Digital Transformation Ecosystem Wed, 05 Jul 2017 09:52:26 +0000 Digital transformation is more than a mere technological evolution. In fact digital transformation has been revolutionizing the world of businesses and how they function. Who would have thought a decade ago that digital evolution may bring multiple sales channels all integrated seamlessly allowing consumers to buy products and services on the go or avail support in real time? Or who would have thought the use of virtual bots replacing customer service agents leading to improve after sales support without increasing investments in HR?

Businesses have always undergone transformation with time, but digital transformation brings with it a new set of challenges that require more than a traditional approach. The ever changing world of digital transformation means that enterprises have to be proactive in all such transformations.

Many successful enterprises have embraced a world order where their enterprise strategies revolve largely around the digital transformations instead of the other way round.

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) instrumental in bringing digital change

The growing influence of a Chief Digital Officer bears testimony to the fact that enterprises are evolving their business strategies around digital transformation. Replacing the traditional landscape where the CIO was primarily responsible for taking IT decisions and spending, enterprises are now using CDO as a standalone C-level executive post.

The role of the CDO is essential in transforming an enterprise by readying it for a digital transformation. With consumers, employees, and business stakeholders all corresponding to the organization in multiple ways, staying ahead of the game through efficient cross-integration of multiple channels and investing in the right technology, like cloud computing or data analytics, are all under the scope of a Chief Digital Officer.

Statistics from International Data Corp. (IDC), a research and analyst firm suggest that with global IT spending on new age IT solutions and services will reach $2 trillion mark by the year 2020. As a result, the number of CDO’s in the enterprise space will be witnessing an equal surge in numbers.

Digital Strategies Drive Digital Maturity

With digital transformation being a work in progress and evolving constantly, an enterprise’s digital strategy is what drives digital maturity. Organizations without a clear and concise strategy in place are unlikely to transform seamlessly from traditional roles to a fully digitized ones.

Experts are of the opinion that unless technology is proprietary to a company it is unlikely to offer a competitive edge on its own. Smarter organizations are therefore focusing on technology not as an end in itself, but as a means to strategically alter the enterprises’ long-term business transformations. Focusing more on strategy but ignoring digital transformation or ignoring strategy and focusing only on digital transformation are both unlikely to deliver results in the long run.

Enterprises with a CDO at the helm of affairs break down their digital transformation into smaller macros helping them decode the digital transformation puzzle better. For example, enterprises are focusing their attention on improving efficiency and customer experiences using digital tools. Tools like cross-channel integration for sales and customer support or use of cloud computing and data analytics to gather information that can help enhance sales are digital macros offering a precise business strategy.

A Digital Ecosystem for the Ease of Employees

A 2015 Digital Business Global Executive Study and Research Project performed by MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte shows businesses ignoring digital transformation are more likely to lose talented human resource. Employees across all age groups prefer working for enterprises that are committed to a digital process. Traditional business ideology works on the principle of avoiding failure, while digitally advanced businesses thrive on embracing failure and learning from it in a fast-paced environment as a prerequisite for success. Employees get to be a part of more creative work process and constantly enhance their skill sets to stay competitive in the long run.

Embracing Digital Marketing as an Enterprise Strategy

Digital marketing today is often an independent vertical that drives sales, revenues, and data for various businesses. The one common denominator in majority of successful enterprises today is that all their sales and marketing strategies revolve around their digital trends. Moving away from traditional roles to using digitally induced technology as part of their marketing is leading their enterprise marketing strategy.

Making Use of Digital Transformation Consulting

Digital transformation is not just a change in an organization’s technology stack. It offers a change in the core business philosophy of any organization. From digital Omni-channel integration to digital customer experience, digital supply chain management and digitization of management services and employee roles, the macros are endless. Without a CDO, enterprises are better off taking the services of a digital transformation consultation company to ensure all their spending on such transformations are aptly assessed and offer deliverability.


Digital transformation is helping businesses create new business models, reinvent their traditional strategies, and be more consumers centric with the use of integrated digital channels. With this constant digital evolution and use of new age digital tools, business strategies will keep evolving around the digital ecosystem for the future of business is digitally derived.


Outlook 2013 OST is in Use and Cannot Be Accessed Error – Fixed Tue, 04 Jul 2017 05:28:07 +0000 Are you one of them who are facing “OST is in use and cannot be accessed” error while accessing OST? Do you know any technique to resolve this issue? If not, then this is the right platform for you. Here, in this blog, we have discussed some very useful methods to rectify this error. Before that, let us go through a brief introduction of Outlook (2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003) OST file.


Microsoft Exchange Server users’ who access their mailboxes in offline mode via Outlook 2013 are aware about OST files. This is a file format, which is created in an automatic manner when Cached Exchange Mode is on. It stores the replica of MS Exchange mailbox locally. This makes it possible for users to access the data even without the internet connection.

However, like any other file format, OST is also prone to corruption. It is possible that users have to encounter certain errors due to this corruption in OST files. These errors creates hurdle in between of the work and affects the productivity of a company. Moreover, sometimes these error messages make the situation very annoying. “Outlook 2013 OST cannot be accessed” belongs to the same category. There are certain reasons behind this error that we will discuss the below section.

Responsible Factors For OST is in Use and Cannot Be Accessed

  • Various users trying to use the same Outlook 2013 OST file
  • Interrupted Internet connection
  • Running contradictory programs with MS Outlook
  • Inappropriate synchronization of OST file with Exchange Server mailbox
  • Attempt to access OST files in an unauthorized manner

Tricks to Fix Microsoft Outlook Error

There are four strategies to repair Outlook OST file and fix this error as mentioned below:

Convert OST to PST

It is one of the recommended ways for the resolution of this error and can be done via manual as well as third party tool.

A. Manual Method

Firstly, run MS Outlook in safe mode & then perform these steps as mentioned below:

  • Click on File >> Open >> Import
  • In the displayer windows, choose ‘Import from another program or file’
  • Similarly in the next pop-up, choose ‘Outlook Data File (.pst) and click on Next
  • Click on Browse & choose OST file, which you want to convert
  • Choose the desired option to replace, ignore, or allow import of duplicates email items and click on Next
  • Pick the location for storing exported file and click on Finish

Limitation: Manual migration of OST to PST is quite risky. It may result in data loss and the structure of the original file might get altered once conversion is done. It a lengthier process and takes much time for the accomplishment of the whole task. Moreover, it is unavailable in above Outlook 2007 versions. Therefore, to handle these drawbacks  user may opt for a trouble free method.

B. Third-Party Software

OST to PST Converter is one of the reliable software for converting OST file into PST format. It has the potential to rectify any kind of Outlook error that to be in a quick way. Using this software, users can move OST files into PST format in bulk. Once the conversion is done, it becomes very easy to access the resultant file into Microsoft Outlook.

Scanost.exe to Repair OST Files

Microsoft brings a free program for repair corrupted or unhealthy OST files. The name of this application is Scanost.exe or Inbox Repair Utility. This can execute the recovery of OST files. This is also known as “OST Integrity Check” software. Follow these steps as mentioned below to use this application:

  • First, quit Outlook via Task Manager in case it is running
  • After this, locate ScanOST.exe on the machines and launch it. The default location of this program is \\ScanOST. For instance, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\SCANOST.


  • Now, type in the profile name of Outlook when the program prompts for it
  • In the next step, select Connect, in case the tool prompts
  • Then, choose from the required options


  • Choose “Repair Errors” checkbox. With this, the program will automatically mark and remove errors.  If the checkbox is not chosen, the application will detect the problems but will not rectify them.
  • Finally, hit on “Begin Scan”


Note: This is program is available in Microsoft Outlook 2007 and older editions. In addition, it can fix only minor corrupted OST files. For highly corrupted files it will not work. Therefore, go for the next method as mentioned below.

Disable Cached Exchange

As the matter of fact, the OST files are generated in an automatic manner if Caches Exchange mode is enable. Therefore, it is suggested to disable it by following methods as mentioned below:

  • In the first step, quit MS Outlook via Task Manager in case it is running.
  • Now, you need to open Control Panel >> Mail >> Email Accounts
  • Then, under the tab of Email highlight the mail address , which is displaying the warning
  • Choose Change
  • After this, unmark “Use Cached Exchange Mode”
  • Choose Next >> Finish
  • Finally, try to re-launch Microsoft Outlook.

The Bottom Line

Microsoft Outlook is very much popular for its fast working and managing the data. However, like any other platform the file created by it may get damaged. This results in some errors that are very annoying. One such error is “OST is in use and cannot be accessed.” Therefore, considering the importance of Outlook for business continuity, we have introduced some tricks to rectify this error. We have also learned about a unique tool to make our task easier.

5 Countries with a Fast Growing Freelance Industry Thu, 29 Jun 2017 14:15:00 +0000 One of the most effective ways of earning money, commonly called freelancing, has exploded in the past decade. Freelancing is a way of finding a job on the web and working for someone part time. These job options have exploded for various reasons, the first being the improvement of internet technologies and the worldwide adoption of the internet.

Getting a job online is convenient for people who cannot find work in their profession in their own environment and, with the internet, they can find it somewhere abroad while not having to move. This is why there are so many fairly poor countries that turn to freelancing as a way out of creating jobs and bringing money to them. Not only this, but the freelancing model has even created companies that outsource whole business processes their services to other businesses.

Here are some of the countries that have put in the most effort when it comes to freelancing, whether their governments invested in this, or the people living there simply recognized it on their own.

1. India

indian freelancers
India is the number 1 country when it comes to the growth of internet users, not just freelancers. This is because the country has invested in its IT sector a lot in the past ten years, especially on educating its population in using computer technologies.

The Indian government has recognized the enormous potential for giving work to people in their country. Given the fact that they have a large population of poor people for whom they cannot create job positions, they have invested in internet technologies, to give them the option of working as freelancers.

Not only that India has the fastest growing freelance market, but they also already have the largest number of freelancers, meaning that the whole thing is a huge success.

2. U.S.A

usa freelancers
To show how versatile the freelancing business model really is, we have the United States of America. Even though it is one of the strongest economies in the world, the U.S. also has a lot of freelancers both men and women, and there are a lot of people to whom this is a regular everyday job and their only source of income.

Freelancers from the U.S. are generally paid much higher rates and they don’t go for jobs which some eastern-world freelancers would go for. In most cases, they are more established in their fields and they can do more complex and more difficult jobs.

3. Philippines

philippines freelancers
The Philippines are one of the late bloomers on our list, but this country was able to utilize on freelancing so much that its whole economy started to depend based on the freelancing business model. This country has invested so much in its education and created a whole system that focuses on freelancing.

There are a lot of experts who were invited to help them learn and improve their freelancing services on the market. The Philippines even have coaching programs that help business people learn how to open call centers to work on an international level.

4. Pakistan

pakistan freelancers
One of the fastest growing industries in Pakistan is the IT sector. From 2014 to 2015, this Asian country was able to grow its IT by almost 50 %. The proof of the value of this country’s freelance industry is that it’s currently 5th place on the list of top countries on UpWork, which is the largest platform for freelancers.

Not only this, but through individual freelancing, this country was able to encourage and create its own IT industry which operates efficiently on the local level.

5. Russia

Although often neglected in all the analytics and lists, Russia has been able to develop a prosperous freelance market. However, given the fact that only a small percentage of Russians speak English, they have developed their own freelance websites which are in their native language. Besides the fact that this freelancing industry is limited in this way, it was able to grow quite rapidly in the past couple of years.

Final words
russia freelancers
So, these are the countries that have the biggest growth numbers in the freelancing industry. The factors considered are the total number of people working, the growth level, and the total amount of revenue annually.

It is expected that more and more countries are going to get on board with this business model, as it has been proven to be quite prosperous. In the future, we can expect freelancing to become a fierce, competitive market.