ITarticle Information Technology Trends Thu, 22 Jun 2017 10:34:02 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Restructuring the Global Trade Management with Cloud Platforms Thu, 22 Jun 2017 07:53:41 +0000 Global Sourcing and the Supply Chain

The entire production process is a highly regimented affair these days. Since you have to chart the entire process according to the clock, sourcing the raw materials or finished parts globally is in itself a great task in drawing up a strategy and effecting coordination. You have to find out the most suitable supplier who is going to give you the finished products well within time and budget while maintaining the high standard of quality you will have naturally insisted upon. The perfect standards of global sourcing will naturally ensure the efficiency of the supply chain.

Sourcing and procurement will ultimately decide the level of excellence attained in today’s competitive market. It is therefore necessary to improve the process of selecting the supplier and perfecting the management process in order to ensure high performance of the supply chain. Global Trade Management or GTM gives you the global visibility you need across your entire supply chain.

Global Trade Management or GTM

The modern supply chain is highly complex but with the help of GTM service it will be possible for one to improve the efficiency of seeing and reacting to place a demand for quicker and much more efficiently. Ultimately, the GTM benefits the company in the reduction of costs due to labor while bringing about a dramatic improvement in the visibility and predictability of the supply chain and simultaneously causing a reduction in the cost of transportation. When you enjoy the service offered by Global Trade Management you have the advantage of total global visibility across all your trading partners irrespective of their location. Some of the other advantages of GTM include:

  • Container prioritization
  • Freight forwarding and the
  • Integrated customs documentation as well as its capture and its retention.

The Right Level of GTM Technology

There is adequate level of GTM technology at hand to help improve the efficiency of the supply chain of those businesses that stretch throughout the globe. The only requirement is that the right solution is picked for your task. In simple terms the solutions provided by Global Trade Management are more like tools for the management of your supply chain. These solutions ultimately assist the shipping fraternity in the optimization, automating and the monitoring of diverse transactions that take place with service providers and trading partners. It is the central GTM platform through which all the data from diverse information systems ultimately flows. These systems could be from the company or its vendors, the logistics partners or any other providers. The data triggers the transactions while the system ensures that all parties receive the relevant information.

You need to finalize the features you would like to include in the suite. Thereafter it is possible for you to:

  • Share any information with your vendors or
  • Transmit the orders of purchase,
  • You may wish to book the necessary transportation or
  • Track your shipments as well as
  • Perform several other diverse functions that are involved in the procurement or the movement of goods.

In the words of Ty Bordner, VP, Product Management and Solutions Consulting at GTM Technology vendor, “GTM solutions manage measure, optimize and automate the information that supports and surrounds cross-border moves.”

GTM and Cloud Platforms

Ultimately, Global Trade Management or GTM is the process by which one can streamline the entire system of global trade across its diverse activities in order to bring about an improvement in the efficiency of operation as well as the flow of revenue. For bringing about such efficiency you need a new solution that is cloud-based. This helps leverage ‘global trade compliance’ so that both trade and logistics can be streamlined. This puts an end to our concept of the global supply chain management solutions  as we know it.

Since global trade must necessarily involve international borders, the GTM solution must address global trade compliance. It is the GTM solution that will help meet the obligations imposed by the government agency concerned whenever you ship products either into or out of any country. One of the several areas where the GTM software can assist in the process is in the determination of your obligations towards duty and tariff. GTM systems may also assist a company to profit from programs that include foreign trade zones or foreign trade agreements.

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How to Recover Exchange 2010, 2007 Database Without Log Files Mon, 12 Jun 2017 12:44:50 +0000 Exchange database is synonymous to the storehouse of information as it contains abundant data in form of user mailboxes consisting of email messages, calendars, notes, tasks, etc. Thus, Exchange database administrator has the entire responsibility of keeping the data of thousands of users intact, safe and secured. Anything that hampers data is strictly taken care of because data loss can not be afforded in organizations dealing with crucial information. To prevent big data losses from happening, time to time data is archived. This backing up of data minimizes every risk and ensures that server will never be out of running state for long.

Basically, the simplest technique to repair a damaged Exchange server is by opening a recent data archive and that is how the database is recovered. Exchange transaction log files play a significant role in data recovery from its archive. This article throws lights on the significance of transaction log files and further highlights how to recover Exchange 2010 database without log files or recover Exchange 2007 database missing log files.

Significance of Transaction Log Files

Exchange server is also referred as a transaction based email application in a lot of aspects. A transaction can be defined as an assembly of functions that are executed against server database. These functions include updation, insertion or deletion of data, while it is assumed that ACID properties of the database are retained.

Now, transactions dwelling inside database log files are recorded for maintaining track record of every change that affects the Exchange database. This track record is maintained so that even if something goes wrong, previous transactions can be reversed. Thereafter, the database is restored in the running state. This is known as Rolled Back.

In the times when server damages abruptly, the transaction of files are of huge importance as it accepts entries up to fraction of seconds as well. Even Exchange archive and its recovery depends on these log files. First and foremost, every transaction is written in transaction log files on hard disk and then, these are committed from log files to database of server. There occurs a little gap in between and this delay gives DBAs the space to copy log files to different disks as backup.

These backup files are of a great help in times of crisis or when the database is in danger. Log files are easily replayed to repair or recover data till last committed transaction if and only if the database is available and in healthy state. As now we are aware of the importance of log files so, let us take a quick glance at some of the situations of Exchange database recovery without log files.

Inconsistent Vs Consistent Database

Database consistency is the core entity of ACID properties. Exchange database should be in a healthy state to be called as healthy. Moreover, before the shutdown, all transaction log files must be committed to Exchange database. If it occurs this way then, the database server is seen as detached from transaction log files. This state is referred to as Clean-Shutdown state.

But suppose there are few transactions that are not committed to database and server gets shutdown abruptly or unintentionally due to any reason, be it any power failure, hardware problems, surge, etc. then, the good point is that still database will remain attached to log files. Therefore, the unwritten pages are known as Dirty. Now, as long as these dirty pages are inside Exchange database, the state is known as Dirty-Shutdown state. If anyone wants to know the database state t any time then, use ESEUTIL command in the following manner.

ESEUTIL /mh Restore & Recovery of the Database

Before beginning our main topic, it is important to know the basic difference between the terms Restore and Recovery. Although the two terms are used synonymously, yet they have a major difference. Restore consists of uploading log files to the original location of Exchange server whereas, Recovery lays emphasis on repaying log files to the database that has been restored. This clarifies the major significance of log files in Exchange database recovery process.

Exchange 2010, 2007 Database Recovery Without Log Files

By ESEUTL Command: In the presence of transaction log files, it is very simple to recover server database with the help of ESEUTIL commands. However, if log files are unavailable then following are the two methods to execute the recovery process.

  • Replay operation will be completely unsuccessful.
  • Recovery operation will halt with errors.

Common Errors Encountered:

ESEUTIL command is useful as it can be equipped to recover server database in presence as well as absence of transaction log files. If one wishes to recover Exchange database without log files then, use this command with /p switch as eseutil /p


Eseutil command works well but sometimes may even lead to data loss if ESEUTIL encounters damaged or corrupted database pages or broken links between tables, etc. Moreover, in case, deletion of internal pages is needed for structure improvement, data may get misplaced. Hence, user has to recreate server database with the help of offline defragmentation. After wards, B-tree database structure is rectified. This too is again a very time-taking process.


To escape the above risks and issues mentioned above, it is advised to go for the professional, third party EDB to PST Converter software. This software is built in such a way that it effectively migrated data from Exchange server to PST format. The tool will also repair and recover corrupted Exchange database in no time. Thus, the tool is an all-rounder tool that figures out all the issues linked with a corrupted database and it also has the potential to recover Exchange 2010, 2007 database without log files.

Few Closing Thoughts

In this article, every important aspect about transaction log files has been jotted along with the common errors that crop up. Moreover, effective resolution methods to recover Exchange database missing log files has been precisely highlighted here. Though there is a manual method by ESUTIL command however, go for EDB to PST Converter tool for flawless results.

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5 Ultimate Method For Gmail Backup – Save Gmail Data From Being Lost Mon, 12 Jun 2017 12:07:39 +0000 In the present scenario, multiple users generally share their important emails, documents through Gmail account. These days, a lot of informations or details are sending over emails including account details, password information, bank statements, university grades, business reports, and general correspondence among friends and relatives. It might be possible, though any kind of data that users have stored on the Web could be vanished due to multiple reasons. Most of users sending or receiving their emails, might face fatal issues due to some problem or might be malicious infect.

Sometimes, multiple Gmail users have lost their emails either due to system crashes, slow down network or any infect. Therefore, it is always recommended to maintain the backup of Gmail account from being any data lost. In this article, we will discuss multiple ways so that the users can easily learn “to save Gmail data from being lost using Gmail Backups”. Also gives solution how to restore data from Google’s Gmail account.

Multiple Methods to Save Gmail Data Item from Being Lost

Now, these days multiple users communicate through Gmail and also share their necessary and relevant informations through email account. There are multiple ways to protect users data is to back it up and store it somewhere safe for future reference. If users are a Gmail user, then it is actually quite simple to backup all their emails and other emails in the trash and spam.

As per user requirement, if user want to move to another account or email service and take out all data. Then, users can adopt any of the following techniques/methods to save and preserve Gmail data from any kind of loss.

Method 1: Gmail Settings in Mailboxes

  • Step 1: Login Gmail and then, click on Mail Settings option
  • Step 2: Browse and select Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
  • Step 3: Next, go to POP Download>>Enable POP for all mail>>save changes.
  • Step 4: Now, configure the email client then, remember to open it gradually to maintain the data backup details.

Method 2: Google Takeout

  • Step 1: Open, the link
  • Step 2: Select the desired data that user want to download and then, click on Next
  • Step 3: Now, select File type and delivery method
  • Step 4: Wait until user will get an email on Google drive through backup data

Method 3: Apple Mail

  • Step 1: Click Mail >> Preferences >> Account tab
  • Step 2: Now, click on plus button to add new accounts
  • Step 3: Next, enter the following credential details i.e. users name, gmail address and password
  • Step 4: Check mark on Automatically set up your account tab and then, press create.

Method 4. Outlook Express

  • Step 1: Click on Tools >> Accounts >> Add >> Mail
  • Step 2: Enter the users-name in the given field and press Next option
  • Step 3: Now, enter the specific gmail address and select Next.
  • Step 4: Next, type the incoming and outgoing mail in the server field.
  • Step 5: Go to Next option and enter full email address and then, click Finish
  • Step 6: Highlight under Account. Select Properties and Advance tab
  • Step 7: Fill the following details
    • Check mark on “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)” under Outgoing Mail (SMTP).
    • Enter 465 in outgoing mail filed(SMTP)
    • Under Outgoing mails(SMTP), check the box “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)”.
    • Under Incoming mail (POP3), check the box next to “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)”. Now, the port will change to 995.
  • Step 8: Now, back to Server My server requires authentication tab
  • Step 9: Click Okay button

Method 5. Windows Mail

  • Step 1: Open the tools menu and then, select Accounts
  • Step 2: Now, Select Add >> Email Account >> Next
  • Step 3: Enter the name in given field. Click on Next tab
  • Step 4: Again, enter complete gmail address
  • Step 5: Fill all necessary information in the desired filed
    • Incoming mail server type i.e. POP3
    • Incoming mail server (IMAP or POP3) except domain name
    • Enter Outgoing server name (SMTP):
    • Enable to require the Outgoing server authentication
  • Step 6: Press on Next tab and then, enter full gmail address and password in it.
  • Step 7: Select Next option. Check mark on Do not download my e-mail at this time and then, Finish
  • Step 8: Make sure on internet account screen, select mail account. Press the Properties option
  • Step 9: Enter 465 in the Outgoing mailbox. Check mark on This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL).
  • Step 10: Again check mark the incoming mails (POP3)
  • Step 11: Now, click on OK button and shut down the internet account Window

How to Restore Data From Google Account If Above Methods Does Not Work?

After considering the multiple methods those are included to save data of gmail account from getting lost, it is very complicated task and it takes huge time during the process. Thus, users will become in trouble and they have lost their necessary data files.

So, in this scenario you should create a backup of Gmail account with the help of any Gmail Backup tool which should be reliable and smooth that allows user to save the time using reopen option for interrupted backup. Otherwise, it will be more complicated to recover deleted data from Gmail account to Hard Drive.


After covering multiple methods and its step, we have concluded how to save Gmail data without any kind of loss. The article main focusses on the requirement to save data in gmail account. Also, suggesting one of the best solution to make backup of Google’s account using Gmail Email Backup Tool which is better and reliable than other methods.

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Best 5 Methods to Reduce Outlook 2010 PST File Size Mon, 12 Jun 2017 11:04:18 +0000 Are you having oversized PST file? Are you receiving daily messages to reduce Outlook 2010 PST file size? Is your mailbox full? Looking for a solution? No need to worry. All your searches end here. As, in this post, we are going to discuss different tips & tricks to reduce Microsoft Outlook 2010 mailbox size are discussed that one can use very easily.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most commonly used email clients among the users. While using Outlook from a long time, as the time passes the size of PST file starts growing faster. The main reason behind this is a large number of attachments are stored in Outlook data file (.pst) or unnecessary data items stored in it from a long time. All such type of reasons makes users suffer from overgrown PST file issue, which sometimes leads to corruption also. Apart from corruption, large size PST file also reduces the performance of Outlook. Therefore, to overcome all such problem it is advised to compact PST file or split Outlook data file (.pst).

Errors Messages:

There are various type of error messages that a user might face due to large size PST file and all are listed below:

  • Error 0x80040116: Outlook.pst cannot be accessed
  • The file xxxx.pst has reached its maximum size limit.
  • Errors have been detected in Outlook PST file. Quit all mail-enabled applications.
  • The file could not be added to the folder. The action could not be completed
  • Error 0x80040119: An unknown error has occurred

Manual Approaches to Reduce Outlook 2010 PST File Size

There are various manual approaches that a user can use to reduce the size PST file and are discussed below:

Method 1: Compact Large Size Outlook 2010 PST File

By using the compacting feature one can easily reduce the size of PST file. As a user delete some data items permanently, all that space is highlighted as a blank or white space. So, whenever the blank space uses space more than 20% of total PST size, one can compact it manually or Outlook will compact it automatically. Now, to compact the PST file manually, follow the steps given below:

  • To begin, open MS Outlook and click on the File tab
  • After that, click on Account Settings >> Account Settings option
  • Now, go to the Data Files tab, and click on the data file that you need to compact
  • Then, click Settings option and select Compact Now option

After using the above steps of compacting, the 5% of the total white space is still left out by Outlook due to performance reasons.

Note: Sometimes, it might happen that a user does not find this manual solution quite effective to compact the Outlook 2010 PST file. Therefore, to have a foolproof solution one is suggested to use a professional solution i.e. PST Compress Tool. It is the tool that is designed especially to compress large size PST file without any limitation.

Method 2: Use 2 GB Truncation Tool

Microsoft has provided a truncation software, which can be used to truncate the size of Outlook data file (.pst). The main purpose of this software is to truncate the file, which becomes corrupted due to file size larger than 2 GB. Therefore, it always suggested to truncate (around 20 to 25 MB) PST file and get access back to the PST file. Moreover, it is always suggested to take backup of the original PST file before using 2 GB truncation tool.

Method 3: Delete Unwanted Data Items

Deletion of unnecessary data items stored in PST file is always helpful in minimizing the size of Outlook PST file. For example, one can download the attachment and save it on the local machine and after that delete it from the PST file. Or, from the Deleted Item Folder remove all not required data item. All this can help in minimizing the Outlook 2010 PST file size.

Method 4: Archive Outlook 2010 PST File

Archiving PST file is also one of the useful methods in minimizing the size of Outlook data file. All the data items that are important for the user can be archived and then deleted from original PST file. Now, to Archive, the PST file, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, open Outlook and click on the File menu
  • After that, choose Cleanup Tools option and then choose Archive option
  • Now, specify the date to select the PST files for archiving, and then, click on OK.

After all this, Outlook transfer all selected messages to archives data file. One can easily access that messages from the Archives folder in Outlook.

Method 5: A Professional Solution To Reduce PST File Size

It might be possible that in some cases any of the above manual solution does not work perfectly. Therefore, to reduce the size of Outlook 2010 PST, it suggested using a professional third-party solution i.e. Split PST Software. It is the tool whose to the main purpose is to reduce the size of PST file and make it free from 2 GB file size limit. It has some advanced features also like 4 different splitting PST file option i.e. by size, by year, by folder, and by date. Moreover, the tool is compatible with ANSI & UNICODE type PST file and supported by all versions of Microsoft Windows.

Wrapping It Up

PST file format is the most important file for any Outlook user as it stores all mailbox data in it. Therefore, any type of corruption or data loss in PST file will create a big trouble for the user. In order to prevent corruption in Outlook PST file due to large file size, it is always suggested to reduce the Outlook 2010 PST file size. Thus, to do the same one can either use the top five manual methods or a professional solution to minimize the Outlook2010 PST file size.

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Different Ways You Can Use Your 360 Camera Sun, 04 Jun 2017 05:24:59 +0000 Having a 360 camera is pleasant experience in itself, but knowing that there are different things you can use it for makes the whole experience a lot better. To provide you with a fresh perspective on how to maximize the opportunity that comes with owning a 360 camera, we’ve come up with this interesting list.

Home security

When installed properly, your 360 camera can function as a security camera. Since it has a 360 perspective that can cover a huge area, this feature helps it to become a good security camera.  Unlike other security cameras in the market today, the 360 camera can capture and record footage and photos at your will. You can even access these footage through your mobile phone while out on a vacation.

Showcasing a product

If you work for an advertising company or simply selling stuff online, you can use the 360 camera to showcase the product or property that you sell. Nothing captures the interests of potential customers more than impressive and eye-popping videos. Since humans are considered as visual creatures, this is one platform you can clearly present your product. You can take footage of a property you’re selling to provide the different perspective buyers would want to have before deciding to buy or rent a house or an office space.


The tourism sector can promote destinations and different tourist spots through the use of 360 cameras. Be it mountain climbing, underwater adventures, and resorts by the beach, your 360 camera footage can help viewers “feel” what it’s like in these places you’d be featuring. Once you allow viewers to be immersed in the sights and sounds that you’ve shared, it’s highly probable that your persuasion may affect their decision to go to these locations by themselves.

Sharing an adventure

What’s it like going bungee jumping or skydiving? You can share these experiences with friends, relatives, and even strangers through social media. Some 360 cameras are built to withstand pressure and also developed to be easily carried during outdoor activities like the 6-ounce YI 360 VR Camera that you can easily mount like an action and allows you to share videos and photos immediately through different social media platforms.

Promote events

One excellent way to promote events such as shows and concerts is to show the viewers of a preview on how fun it is to enjoy the music and the action together with the crowd. One way to do this is to capture videos of live concerts in the perspective of the live audience. Viewers will now be able to see what is happening on stage and off stage.

These are some of the numerous ways you could use your 360 camera. What’s important to note here is not all 360 cameras are built the same way.  So before deciding to use it in different activities, you must first know the different features your 360 camera has. Maximize your camera’s features. For example, once you’ve determined that it’s optimized for outdoor use then you can use it to record footage of your adventures while trekking or biking. What’s essential here is that you enjoy what you’re doing while you use the correct equipment.

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Mirrorless Camera: The First Lenses You Need Wed, 17 May 2017 10:30:19 +0000 The overwhelming number of mirrorless camera lenses available to the users of the micro four thirds (MFT) system is one of the many reasons why both rookie and professional photographers have adopted the system. While your standard 14-42mm kit lens is suitable enough for a number of occasions, you will eventually need to work with a variety of lenses to get the best shot for any given situation.

For every unique scenario, there will be a type of lens that’s more suited than another. The lenses discussed below should cover a wide range of situations that most photographers encounter. Each kind is best for a particular type of photography such as street photography, portrait photography, landscape photography, and so on.

Without further ado, here are the first 5 micro four thirds lenses you need to get.

A fast prime lens

A fast 25mm prime lens, which is equivalent to a standard 50mm focal length, is definitely a must-buy for any budding photographer. This fixed focal length gives you a “normal view” of the world because it closely resembles the focused view of a person.

One of the best lenses in this category that comes at an affordable price is the Panasonic Lumix G 25mm f/1.7 ASPH. It’s wide aperture allows you to take incredible pictures at amazing speeds, so it’s definitely a great entry-level lens.

If you’ve got the budget for it, another wonderful option is the Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 lens. If you’re a big fan of bokeh, you will definitely want this lens.

A budget telephoto lens

Many photographers would agree that the Olympus M.Zuiko 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6 R is one of the most value-for-money telephoto lenses you can get. You can get one for less than $100 because they frequently go on sale, and even for much much less when you buy secondhand from reputable sellers. It’s very light and handy as well, and it produces acceptable images.

Want to be a serious telephoto photographer? You can get the Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8 Pro instead. While more expensive (and heavy), it offers a premium build and much faster maximum aperture.

A prime lens with a large aperture

The YI 42.5mm F1.8 lens might be a newcomer in the MFT world, but it offers great image quality at a very affordable price. This 85mm equivalent prime lens is extremely lightweight and is perfect for portrait photography. And if that’s not enough, it’s also macro capable.

For incredibly sharp portraits, you might want to consider the Leica DG Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2 ASPH as well. It may cost you a couple bucks more, but it’s a worthy investment.

An ultra wide angle lens with minimal distortion

If you want to be a serious landscape photographer, you definitely have to invest in a nice wide-angle lens. The Rokinon 12mm f/2.0 NCS CS is a great entry-level option for this purpose. With a nice price tag and a decent image quality, this Samyang-produced lens is certainly a good buy. One caveat though, it’s manual focus only.

As with almost all Voigtlander lenses, the Voigtlander Nokton 10mm f0.95 is another solid, if pricey, lens that’s perfect for landscape shooters. It’s fully manual, exceptionally fast, and offers amazing bokeh.

As these lenses are meant to be part of your micro four thirds starter kit, expensive, pro lenses were only given as second options despite the fact that they definitely provide better image and build quality. No need to worry though. Panasonic, Olympus, and many other third-party lens manufacturers have created a lot of low-priced high-quality lenses to entice more users to the MFT world. With the lenses above, you definitely can produce a lot of spectacular photographs.


5 Ways to Use Live Chats Prompts in PPC Advertising that will Guarantee Enhanced Conversion Rates Tue, 16 May 2017 10:49:30 +0000 Does not matter how much brilliantly a popular brand or a web design performs, one critical question in the ecommerce industry still shouts out loud:

How do I tempt my audience in getting to interact and engage with my website?

The consideration is especially important for someone looking to start an ecommerce business or PPC advertising. Today incoming site traffic and clicks are not enough anymore, but companies need to strive more in order to acquire healthy conversions and sales for the company.

Consider you are regularly improving your PPC traffic and optimizing the landing pages to get the best conversion rate. But still you feel there is a lot more to do for your website. The best bet is to implement strategies that would gain you maximum visitors, hence leading to enhanced engagement and eventual revenues.

So let’s examine how marketers can make the best use out of live chat prompts in PPC advertising for better conversion rates.

1. Users love to interact

People tend to visit different websites for different reasons. They might want to acquire details about a particular product, make purchases, read actionable or ‘how-to’ content, or simply want to note down the address of the company.

Regardless of the reason, if a user is visiting your website that indicates there is a valid impulse that has driven him/her to perform the action. Recognizing and addressing this impulse serves the basis of tempting the user in engaging with your website even further. The more successful you are in capturing your prospects into engaging with your website, the higher are the chances of turning them into potential customers and earning healthy revenues for the business. Remember, around half of the leads choose the first company they communicate with!

Simply said, customers around the world love to voice their concerns, especially with a company that correctly identifies their problems and provide required solutions in accord.

2. Vanilla chat prompts

Consider you have navigated to an ecommerce site and more specifically into the handbags category. Despite the fact you have made up your mind to buy an elegant looking Italian bag, but you’re still unsure which brand to purchase. Instantly a live chat pops out displaying the message, “Hi! How may I help you?”

So what would be your reply to such a greeting? Most of the times the visitors themself are not aware of their exact need or problem, nether knows how to address it. They may typically reply by saying, “nothing in particular, I was just looking through”—a very general answer that is rather useless for both the parties.

Most live chat conversations start with a very common message, “how may I help you?” Again here the message does not sound quite meaningful and a conversation starter, unless you have a very definite question in mind for the live chat agent.

The key difference to understand here is the approach taken by a live chat agent as compared to a digital marketing professional. The above messages are normally opted by customer support teams, whereas, a digital marketer will look to start with more of a conversational approach in order to facilitate a healthy talk with the user right from the go.

3. Proficient chat prompts

Here arises the big question: how do you initiate a relevant and productive conversation? Let’s highlight the above situation again.

Suppose you arrive at the same website featuring Italian brands of handbags, even after an ineffectual conversation with the first live chat agent. After navigating to the website, a new instant chat message appears, “Hi! Which type of handbags would you like to go through?”

As compared to the first one, this message is much better and a direct conversation starter. The question is straightforward, clear, and personalized with the aim to get down to business quickly and help you in locating the perfect handbag as per your needs and the limited budget.

Well how about incorporating such messages to chat prompts?

Try to start the conversation with a message that is more relevant to the nature of your business and offerings and avoid using a general statement. A helpful chat prompt displays a professional outlook, indicating the agent is well-informed with his/her company’s offerings and knows how to deliver a personalized message as meant.

4. Engaging chat prompts

A true chat prompt is not only directed at solving a customer’s problems, but the agent will make sure he is well-informed regarding the core requirements, needs and choices of the customer.

Let’s consider the example of Italian handbags again. While watching a couple of similar handbags associated with unique designs, suppose a question appearing in a live chat window, “HI! Would you like to see different colors and sizes variations in the same design category?”

Now this is something that is bound to start an exciting and engaging conversation. The essence of the message clearly indicates the agent is well-versed with your specific needs and knows how best to handle each client. The conversation will seamlessly guide you to other close variations of the handbag, hence closing the sale in an efficient manner.

Besides the regular questions, the agent will also inquire additional information from you. The point is to understand your core desires and the custom design or feature you want in the product.

5. Incorporating a conversation starter

No matter how much an engaging chat prompt may excite an agent, but the real and basic question stays in place:

How to initiate an interesting and customer-centric conversation?

The most important thing to consider in the above conversation is the way the agent addressed the user in the first place. The concern is to know your target audience well even before they have started to visit your website. A PPC ad will provide you with the right information, while it is the job of the agent to use the tool effectively in order to generate and run a productive and action-oriented conversation.

Final Words

Let’s not forget the fact acquiring large conversions is not as easy as it sounds. And when we talk about optimizing a website, any business which is using outsourced live chat agents needs to see which chat prompt is the best in garnering the most traffic.

The solution comes in the form of devising a communication that is clear, attractive, and problem-solving. So its best advised for the agents to patiently consider the target audience of the business and create chat prompts that are personalized and solely serves the purpose of providing customers what they want, along with acquiring higher conversion rate for the website.

Developing a Seamless Omni-Channel Customer Experience in a Digitized World Mon, 15 May 2017 05:23:22 +0000 The good old days when retailers controlled customer experience and customer feedback through one single medium is long gone. The purchase journey and interaction now lie in the hands of customers. With the world evolving into a multi-channel, dynamic market, customers want to have a flawless buying experience every time they interact with a brand, no matter what or where the touch point is.

Omni-channel customer experience is the key

Customers demand seamless experience across all touch points, devices and channels

With the emergence of a digitized and a more mobile ecosystem, it becomes imperative for brands to focus on ensuring customer delight across every channel be it online or offline. If a business is still relying on disconnected and disparate supply chain system and is not paying attention to Omni-channel integration, it could spell danger for them.

Today’s customers are an unforgiving lot. They want a quick shopping experience, consistently, every time they come across a brand. One wrong move and the customers have all the power to vent out their dissatisfaction through the variety of social media channels at their disposal. Thus, tough industry competition and customer power are two elements that brands need to keep in mind and work towards ensuring a seamless Omni-channel customer experience.


Well-connected, robust supply chain

Effortless interaction is the primary challenge for brands

So what does ‘seamless’ Omni-channel experience mean? In simple terms, a seamless experience is one where the customer comes across consistent and satisfactory brand experience, every time he or she interacts with a brand. It means that whenever the customer makes a purchase through any channel that the brand deals in, he or she should be able to experience a connected experience.

Switching between touch points, devices or for that matter any medium should feel same, unique and integrated. Effortless interaction is the primary challenge that brands face in today’s age of multiple purchasing channels. This can happen only if the brand maintains a superior, well-connected and robust supply chain network with speed, quality and customers at the forefront.

Build cross-channel capabilities

Rely on data to understand consumer behavior

So the big question is how can you modernize an obsolete and disparate supply chain, and build a new connected system that meets the demands of the modern customers and provides a seamless Omni-channel experience every single time?

It all starts with understanding your customers. Customers don’t behave the same way in every single purchasing channel.  They behave differently in different channels.

Brands need to understand every aspect of consumer behavior across the multitude of channels. They need to understand, which are the channels that customers use and in what way. For example, customers may extensively use the ecommerce site to browse products but may make a final purchase in brick and mortar store.

They may also switch from smartphones to laptops during the same purchase journey. So the company needs to heavily deal with humongous data to understand consumer behavior across the same channel as well as the varied ones. Thus, the first step towards building an Omni-channel customer experience is to create cross-channel capabilities.

Data silos can be detrimental

Integrated data and intelligent analytics can help create actionable Omni-channel strategy

Companies have a lot of data available, thanks to customer feedback, customer purchases and other loyalty data. But that’s not enough. You need to make use of this data by leveraging your analytical capabilities to understand customer behavior. Equally important is integrating the data from various channels.

Data in silos is not helpful. You need to ensure all data from the varied channels is integrated to give you a clear picture of the business, and help you develop actionable plan for building a successful Omni-channel strategy.

Challenging, yet rewarding task

Omni-channel strategy is much more than just being present on all channels

Some businesses may think that building an Omni-channel strategy is equivalent to building up each area independently, say for example creating a mobile app or a website. But Omni-channel experience incorporates much more than that. When you create an app, you need to ensure that the products that you offer are stocked at your distribution centre, and are available at the right price, promotion, and that the customer is able to make safe and secure payment. This sequence of events should be flawless, quick, secure and integrated to ensure customer delight during order fulfilment. Thus, business needs availability and visibility of inventory and an integrated payment system. Only then can a company claim to be truly Omni-channel.

Though a challenging task, building a successful Omni-channel strategy, leading to seamless customer experience can be achieved through exceptional leadership, focus on integrated supply chain management solutions and metrics.

Best 360 degree cameras for 2017 Mon, 15 May 2017 05:17:58 +0000 360 cameras break through the limitations that conventional camera has given us. With 360 cameras, we can now view and experience what usually goes behind the videographer or photographer. To provide you a better perspective of the world, here are the best 360 cameras for 2017.

360FLY 4K

The 360FLY 4K is considered one of the best 360 cameras available in the market today because of the vivid images it produces. Easy to use because of a single button, it’s popular among active individuals who like the outdoors, especially snorkeling as it’s also waterproof up to 30 feet.
The 360FLY 4K is considered one of the best 360 cameras available in the market today because of the vivid images it produces. Easy to use because of a single button, it’s popular among active individuals who like the outdoors, especially snorkeling as it’s also waterproof up to 30 feet.

LG 360

LG 360 camera
For consumers who have concerns regarding their budget, the LG 360 may be the answer to their financial concerns. It costs more than half of its competitors. However, don’t expect much in connection with its video quality. It’s recommended for beginners and curious individuals who would want to test what 360-degree photography or videography is all about.


Considered as the first high-end live VR camera for everyone to enjoy, the YI 360 VR Camera delivers stunning video and images in full 360 degrees. It allows recording of videos in 5.7K/30fps resolution. Considered as a travel companion, it also fits perfectly in your pocket.


INSTA360 NANO camera
Preferred by iPhone users, the INSTA360 NANO perfectly attaches to the lightning port. The camera may not capture the whole 360 degrees, but it compensates as it adds VR goggles when you purchase the camera.


With its attractive design and splash proof capabilities, the Samsung Gear 360 is preferred by Android and Samsung users alike. Because of its dual lens design, it allows the camera to capture the full 360 degrees. It also has a replaceable battery and MicroSD card that will surely solve any issues with data storage.


With an impressive 14MP resolution and the capability of recording 360-degree video in 30fps, the Theta S makes the list of the best 360 cameras for this year. With its reliable performance, it has caught the attention of beginners and 360 camera enthusiasts.


Another Android supported 360 camera is the Insta360 Air. With no internal storage nor batteries, this 360 camera needs to be attached to your android mobile phone. It is also capable of taking quality videos and photos.


It may look like a robot from a sci-fi flick, but it’s just another innovative camera brought to us by Kodak. The Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K is considered as one of the best 360 cameras that deliver quality resolution in both video and images. Don’t mistake it for an action camera because it has a splash proof casing, it means that a little rain is fine, but you can’t take it underwater.

These are some of the best 360-degree cameras that are available and upcoming in the market for 2017. With an extensive review that we have presented, this would help you in deciding what you think would best fill the needs that you have for your outdoor or indoor activities. These 360-degree cameras would surely help you take memorable videos and images that you can cherish and look back to.

How The Car Industry Changed Over The Years Wed, 10 May 2017 11:44:18 +0000 The car industry is one of the most fascinating in the history of mankind. The first mode of travel which was via means of ‘beasts of burden’ was used in about 3500 BC. The first proper car that gained prominence was the Model T, which was led by Henry Ford towards the end of the nineteenth century.

The fact that Ford refused to make any changes to his car, gave other car manufacturers a reason to bring out newer models. A long time has passed and the industry and gone way ahead from the days of Ford and Benz. Let’s look at some of the ways how the car industry has changed and shaped the world around it over the years.

Man to machine

In the olden days, a lot of manpower was required in the production line for cars and while this was slow, it was unproductive as well. General Motors came up with the first robot that was used way back in 1961. These days, most of the modern factories have a large number of robots that are used for repetitive purposes.

The paint job

Back in the old days, there were only two options that could be used as car paint, either oil varnish from liquid amber resins or the varnish obtained from linseed oil. The first polyester paint was used in 1963. Now, the entire process of panting is a much more serious affair. Not only are the paint shops completely sterilized, the car also undergoes chemical washes to prepare the body for painting.

Keeping the environment in mind

It’s only recently that people have started paying attention to the amount of emission produced as a result of combustion. Over time, automotive engineering services companies in India adopted methods of manufacturing that would result in lower emission from both, the vehicle and the factory, and result in a better environment. The car producers were made to amend their ways of production due to a lot of changes in the environmental laws as people started realizing the importance of keeping the planet as clean and green as possible.

New optics technology

In a short span of time, optical sensors have become one of the most widely used features in cars around the world. Not too long back, cars did not have this option, as the technology was not advanced enough for commercial vehicles. The cameras of today are so small and powerful, they can be fixed almost in any part of an automobile. The technology, coupled with other types of sensors, such as motion and heat sensors, helps in developing intelligence of the vehicle itself, saving it from the bumpers and those little scratches in heavy traffic. The two main types of sensors used are ultrasonic and radar sensors. While parking sensors have been common for years, sensors for oxygen, throttle position and speedometer are emerging more and more frequent in consumer vehicles.

Reliance on computers and software

Every modern car is more or less dependent on some sort of onboard computing mechanism that controls a range of functions. Over time, such features have gotten advanced and temperature control, parking, GPS and cruise control are vehicle capabilities that make life easier for drivers.

The internet and greater computing power, per square inch, have revolutionized the way vehicles and humans interact. Technology functions in some way or the other to reduce human effort and convert machine intelligence into action. Not only does that make people look for more technology, but it helps people with specific disabilities to find a car that will suit them best. The best part perhaps is that users get to learn more about their car and easily find ways to fix issues.