“Girls around Me” developer defends the application

Girls around me

In the recent uproar regarding the privacy purloin by “Girls around me”, social networkers hauled a massive attack upon the Apple induced application in the market. It had been revealed that the application’s usage had become faulty, allowing users to track down information and locations of women thereby giving them access to confidential photos and updates.

Social networking sites like Foursquare and Facebook had to suppress this manipulation. The illicit use of private information caused a bombardment of defamation by spectators.

Girls around meThe application originated under a Russian SMS service company and has been stripped down to being ‘treacherous & illegitimate’. However even though the application has been tagged as a ‘stalking commodity’ its developers have defended it to being a user friendly service meant only for the purpose of making social and geological conventions easier.

The developers themselves have criticized Foursquare and Facebook; stating their privacy limitations as unambiguous and the inability of the recipients to keep their domains exclusive. They classified the application to being harmless, where the applicants operate “Girls around me” only after registering themselves with their privileged identities.

However with continued denigration, the application was removed from the Apple iTunes Application Store, thus dispatching all controversies.