Google Chrome for iOS Gets Updated


This is a good week for Google and their web browser, Google Chrome. Apart from staying in the web browsing game for four years just today, the search engine giant gave some reform to the iOS version of Chrome this week as well. The update to the browser isn’t anything that’s absolutely serious, but it does make some improvements from some bug and log-in problems that users were experiencing earlier this year.

Of those improvements, the most talked about one is increased compatibility between the browser and Yahoo mail. This was a big problem over the past few years, with plenty of internet forums bringing up the issue. Some of the problems include Chrome freezing up when Yahoo mail is open, to not being able to even type in content when a new message is to go out. Users of Yahoo Mail shouldn’t have any worries about this anymore

If you were one of those conspiracy theorists who thought Google was intentionally doing this to encourage users to go to Gmail. perhaps this update should serve as a rumor breaker. Almost every forum had brought up this suspicion by at least three different people in each place.

Google doesn’t even get along with Apple all that well either (remember the whole “break-up” with Google Maps?) but this update should also show that the relationship may not be as gloom and doom as well all thought.

That doesn’t mean everything is all made up though. As Juan Carlos Perez from IDG News explains, Google had said the main basis of the problems with iOS before the update is attributed towards iOS and not Google.

chrome for iosOther updates that are explained in the Apple Store are various bug fixes, including letting users actually see the “Most Visited” page on Chrome instead of the blank page that they were getting. Another fix is “stability and security improvements”, but these are not clear (at least on the update page itself).

So basically, the update is for logistical matters instead of anything aesthetic. The people behind Google Chrome might be happy with lasting four years, but apparently they didn’t want to overdo it by updating. The update is however similar to that of the Facebook app for iOS recently, which was notorious for poor performance. Nothing visually had changed, but it was built for speed instead.

As long as the browser does the basis, iOS users should be more satisfied with it now.

About the author: This post was written by Doug Glaston, who is a writer in Android OS and iOS news, as well as general tech. He is also an entertainment writer for Aspire Direct.