How Custom Online Ticketing Software can Improve Event Planning Processes


For any event that depends on its revenues and success on ticket sales, a streamlined marketing and ticketing approach is a must. Most people simply don’t buy tickets in physical locations – they prefer to whip out their mobile, find the website where the tickets are being sold, and buy them online with the minimum of fuss. Or, they can follow the same process on their tablets or desktop PCs. How do you make sure that your ticketing process appeals to this strata of your potential audience? Getting a powerful ticketing software solution can help you automatize and simplify the whole process of ticketing and registration.

But any old ticketing software won’t work for event managers. There are dozens of free as well as paid registration and ticketing software in the market. You need to select one that is useful in a world where most participants in the events as well as most event managers are online through their mobiles. You need something that combines the best of old-school marketing and organization with modern technology.

By selecting a well-conceptualized online registration and online ticketing software, you can benefit from a variety of event-management specific features. If you are buying an online ticket management software for automating your event management processes, you must look for the following features:


Getting the Details Right

When you have hundreds of more people participating in a mega event, it is not any easy to task to take care of the seating arrangement, the schedule and the sizes and types of products that are given to the users during an event. With a powerful online registration tool, you can ask the users to fill in information for all such tiny details right during the process of registration. Also, if the event is divided into different sessions with different attendees taking part in different sessions with different ticketing rates, you can use a simple registration form to differentiate the visitors, and the software can generate numbers according to the type of attendee, making your life a lot simpler.

Event Website

Building a special website for the event and for ticketing can increase overhead cost. The best ticketing solutions for events can generate websites that users can register on and buy tickets. All the event manager needs to do is enter the right data in the blank website to showcase the sponsors, participants and workshops. Not only does this help you save money, but it also saves a lot of time and effort. Once you buy such a software for ticketing and event management, you can automatically generate a special website for every event!

Mobile Apps

As an event organizer, you don’t spend most of your time sitting in your office. Your employees need to go out and get things done. It is best to opt for a ticketing software that comes with a mobile app that enable your team to access all the information regarding the event and ticketing anytime, anywhere. Also apps that enable the event attendees to buy tickets and register are vital to the success of your online ticketing drive. A good event management ticketing software will come with apps that help your employees as well as the people who are attending the event.

QR Codes for Tickets

While the purpose of an online ticketing manager is to push the process of ticketing online, not all users may want to purchase their tickets online. There may be many who show up at the venue, looking for tickets. A ticketing software that generates special QR code for every ticket can let you use ticketing machines to generate tickets and it can also scan the codes to record the details regarding the ticket. This means that all the information regarding ticketing is easily available online through the software, even if you have sold the tickets physically.

Summing up

By using the right kind of ticketing software for your events, you can access the ticketing system from any computer with Internet connection, you can access it through an app, and the targeted customers can register and buy tickets through a special event website. The best part is that you can keep on using the software to set up and manage multiple events, manage ticket prices and discounts, and accept payments via a wide range of payment gateways.

About the author: Monik Makadiya is associated with IVVY, a next generation online event management solution. Monik is a voracious reader and loves to write articles in free time. You can contact him on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.