How different is OS X Mountain Lion different from Snow Leopard


OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is the latest and upgraded version of OS X 10.7. The 10.8 has an addition of 200 plus features with some major upgrades that will leave competition far behind. Like all the other versions of OS X the 10.8 Mountain Lion is mainly inspired by Apple’s IOS software, The same OS that is used in iPhones and iPads. Apple has decided not to sell the 10.8 Mountain Lion over the counter, you need to download and install it from Mac Applications Store. It is easy to install this version; once your purchase is conformed the 10.8 will install itself over the current version being used.

OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 version is now more compatible with the new iCloud integrated syncing feature that connects all your Apple devices. Several upgrades done to the core applications have new added features for social connections and sharing options. However the basic features are retained for the Game Center, though it is now accessible with Mac. Gatekeeper prevents any download of programs that are unsafe. You need to be online for the Dictation to translate the voice in an Apple server. The OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 is not an entirely a new OS, but an upgraded version of the 10.7 with the work done on the core applications and some new features it is certainly worth installing.

OS X Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard had a worldwide release in August 2009; this OS was available for purchase over the counter and was available for download from the App Store. The OS X Snow Leopard was made available for Mac users after a year and 8 months. The previous version was OS X Leopard; the Snow Leopard had a delayed release because there were some serious upgrades being done on the Mac‘s hardware. This gave Apple some time to work on the Snow Leopard to get greater performance, improved efficiency and reduce its overall footprint memory. Much of the old software went through extensive rewrites before its release. The OS X Snow Leopard Mac is the last OS for Mac that is capable of running Power-PC applications.

The improved applications and enhanced technical features for the Snow Leopard Mac OS X are: Boot Camp could have Windows partitions to copy and read files available on HFS+. The Finder used the Cocoa programming to support new applications and technologies used for OS X Snow Leopard. The upgraded iChat had better video resolution at lower upload bandwidths. iCal Apps, address book and mail could support Microsoft Exchange. To backup and establish a connection was much quicker for Time Machine. The OS X Snow Leopard does not support “Apple Talk and creator codes”. For security this OS had Sandboxing and Stack Protection.

Well for a start both The Mountain Lion and The Snow Leopard are two operating systems that have a lot in common. The Snow Leopard certainly lived up to the hype it generated before its release and The Mountain Lion 10.8 is also proving to do the same.

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