How Durable Is A Gun Vault?

Gun Vault

You want the best protection for your firearms. Whether at home or in your car, a gun vault is a good way to keep yourself and others safe. Gun vaults are not only a place to store our guns, but also a place to keep us safe.

There are around 500 children and teens killed every year with guns accidently. Many of these come from playing with guns in their own homes. This startling number forces us to ask the question: how safe are our gun safes?

Proper storage

Some of these accidents are caused simply from poor planning. However others bring to question how safe gun vaults actually are. Gun vaults are one of those things that you get what you pay for. Of course there is always the thousands of dollars heavy-duty gun safes, but those weigh hundreds of pounds. Sure they probably give the most protection, but once you put them down, good luck moving it.

So what if you have the gun safe downstairs clear in the basement. It’s a massive 730-pound Commander Series that would require an army of firemen equipped with the jaws of life 30 minutes just to break in. What about protection at night? If somebody breaks into your home, you want to be ready to protect yourself and your family.

So what’s the solution? Keep a handgun in your bedside drawer? No! Some protection is better than none at all. Although not the same as the standard sized vaults, mini-vaults will add much needed protection to your life.

Mini Gun Vaults

The safety of gun vaults, particularly the smaller size has been brought into question. Some may not want to invest in a product that has horror stories of being cracked open, but the truth is, you’re safer with one than you are without.

Gun Vault

Like I said before, you get what you paid for. If you buy the cheapest vault possible, you will get the cheapest protection. It’s still better than nothing, but why not spend a little more for more protection.

In our house we have a small gun vault. It’s not very fancy at all; in fact, somebody who knows what they are doing could probably break into it. The previous owners of the house left it on the shelf in the bedroom closet. Right now we don’t even own a gun, but if we did, I would put it in the safe, and here’s why:

  • I can lock it with a key
  • It keeps young kids away from it
  • Should anybody break in the house while we are away, they may be able to get in the safe, eventually, but if they are working on a quick schedule it will be more difficult to get a gun out of the vault than from the bedside drawer
  • If anybody breaks in during the night, we have quick access to a means of protecting ourselves

Even with this simple gun strong box, we are more protected than before, and this is just the base model. There are all sorts of features, like touch sensitive opening mechanisms, keypads, and 20 gauge steel construction to guarantee the most protection.

Gun vault technology is changing all the time, creating new ways to keep gun owners and those around them safe. Having a vault is always safer than the alternative.

About the author: Cassie has researched the best vaults to use in prospects of getting her own firearm. A gun fanatic herself, she has studied the best ways in which to keep weapons safe and those around her safe from them as well. She also writes on the best ways to keep your home and car safe from robbery.