How to access Remote Desktop using the Internet

Web Access Security

Have you ever thought about using a laptop or your notebooks to access another desktop hence control the module using a router or via software installed onto the desktops? Think how advanced technology has become and hence today we have access into our desktop functions using the most selective tools in the most easiest procedure.

Web Access SecurityHere’s the latest technique where you can make use of Remote Desktop Web Access which allows users to establish internet connectivity and other remote application files on a computer that runs on operator Windows 7 or across some web browser. Unless computers and notebooks have a ‘Remote Desktop Access ‘portal then it allows users to establish connectivity so as to gain access to the applications and desktop connection available on that desktop.

The methods are quite simple since it involves installing the software first and then establishing the internet connection:

  1. Using the ‘Administrative Tools’ present under the start menu, you must select the ‘Internet Information Services Manager’, select Sites after which a default website should open thereby allowing you entrance into RD Web, and click pages.
  2. You’ll find the IIS, which you must select, and pick authentication option.
  3. Enable the authentication forms from where you can choose to either configure your access website to use Forms Authentication or Windows Authentication using the option ‘Remote Desktop Web Access Security’.