How to add a retro effect to pictures using pixlr-o-matic?


Do you know what’s common between a Wine and a photograph? Both get better and better when they age, when they become old. Yes, “Vintage” – they say! A vintage wine is probably the most superior wines of all and needless to say about the old photographs; those memories and moments that each photographs bear are priceless. Eastman-colored with slightly torn edges, these pictures have their own distinct place in our home. But, on the contrary, with everything going digital in this modern world, it’s indeed hard to find such photos. Who knows, the future might not even know how retro pics even looked like!

Don’t worry; the good old days aren’t over yet. As long as there are apps like pixlr-o-matic, vintage and retro style photographs will continue to sustain. So, if you have a Smartphone and want to add cool retro effects to your snaps, you can check out on how to use them from below:

Choose and Use:

This amazing App from Autodesk offers you two options as soon as you open. You can choose to click a picture using your device camera and then edit your image or you may choose to open an image from your gallery and start working on your classic.

You may now begin:

One of the most interesting features of the app is its amazing User Interface; working with it is so simple and fun that you actually complete your work in less than 4 steps. So, once you’ve chosen your picture, you can see the image at the center of the screen with a scale below it. The scale actually is the main control hub of the app where you will find options/tabs such as

  • The “return to home screen” button
  • The Film Filter button
  • The Lighting Effect button
  • The Frame tab
  • And the Save button

The Film Filter button:

The app offers nearly 25 film filters where each is indicated by the effect name. The effects include Black & White, Sepia, artistic blurring and much more. Once, you have chosen your effect, the app displays your image with the added effect, so that you can check if it is the way you wanted. If you like it, carry on to the next step, else choose a different effect.

Lighting effects tab:

This tab offers you with nearly 30 effects ranging from Burn, scratches, Glitter, Kryptonite and much more. Select the one which you feel will suit the mood of the picture you intended to give.


The Frame gives your image a finished look and just fits in style to your ‘effected’ image. Choose from over 31 frames that suits your image colors, brightness etc. and give that perfect finishing to your picture.


pixlr-o-matic retro effectOnce you are done with your classic work of art, save it by pressing the disk button visible on the scale. When you click it, the app will ask you if you want to save the image in your library or to your Facebook or other social networking account. However, I came across two minor-negligible issues with the app at this stage. First is that you can’t share a bigger or medium sized file and the next is that the app doesn’t allow you to crop the image before you apply any effect. That’s Okay!
This cool app is totally fun to work with right from the point you start. Though it’s free, at some point or the other there your mind will say, “Man! This app should’ve been a paid one.” So guys make use of this great app and come out with some creatively crafted cool-retro style images and bring back the age of Rock ‘n’ Roll!

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