How to Build Enticing Home Pages for Small Business

home page design

Present your small business in just the right light to enhance its appeal to customers. The home page of your website will often be the first and most lasting impression of your business to clients and investors. Hence, spending some time and effort to make it perfect will keep paying you returns for a long time to come.

So, don’t just create another web page; create a page that offers a grand and enticing entryway into your budding business to anyone who logs on to your website!

Although nothing beats your own experience and ideas in portraying your business, there are a few website designing tips that you can ask the web designer to utilize for making your home page a big hit.

home page design

1. Use a Creative, Interactive Theme

Decide a theme and work around it to create a home page as well as other pages of the website. On the home page, consider putting up some interactive graphics that invite the viewer to click around a title, for example, the occasional interactive Google doodles. The trick works well to instantly catch the attention of any user who logs on to your website for the first time. Do remember to keep the graphics simple and classy though.

2. Keep the Home Page Free of Clutter

Not everything you do needs to be displayed on the home page; there can be links to all your services, testimonials, online tools and activities instead. Your home page should appear clean and easy-to-navigate even for first time users. Place all menus and essential links in easily located places on the screen – the faster people can work their way on your site, the likelier they will be to stay on and consider your services over other providers.

3. Ensure That Your Home Page Loads Quickly

You can lose a prospective customer in seconds! – Avoid the tragedy by making your home page light and quick to load. Website standards are consistently moving towards faster interfaces and it is a known fact that people become unusually impatient when browsing the Internet – so serve them quick information to avoid driving them away.

4. Include All The Important Links in Conspicuous Spots

While you cannot overload information on the home page, it is also essential that you provide an easy access to all the pages that may interest your customers.

5. Bring In the Wow-factor by Displaying Your Best Products on the Home Page

If you are a product-based business, there is a chance that some of your products are representative of your brand. There may also be products that you are truly proud of. Displaying your best offerings on the home page will help form a positive image of your brand on customers. Do this strategically on your home page to generate positive customer responses.

6. Add Widgets for Social Media Updates on Your Home Page

Connecting with customers is the key to best marketing. Encourage users who log on to your website to connect with you on social media. You can do this by placing attractive and suitable social media widgets on the home page. Flashing updates of your social media activity will ensure the user that you are active on the web. But make certain that your activity on social media remains frequent and consistent; otherwise, the links may as well serve to your disadvantage.

7. Put Up a Featured Image on the Home Page that is Representative of Your Brand

Select a logo that aptly represents your brand, and place it on the home page. Human memory is way more receptive to visuals than they it is to written matter. Therefore, choose a unique featured image for your business and use online tools to place it on the home page.

8. Home Page is the Place to Get Creative!

Think out of the box, create new website standards, and make your home page appear one of a kind. As long as you are adhering to your own brand’s positioning and standard technical requirements for home page building, you may run as wild as you may like in constructing your unique home page that remains in everyone’s memory!

Wrap up

A Home Page should be able to communicate the most important information about your business and convey the personality of your brand at one glance. By keeping the above points in consideration, you will be able to create a Home Page that showcases your business in the best light. There are several online tools that can make web design affordable, and help you build an awesome website without investing too much time or money.