How to connect your Xbox to your Android Phone and Apple iPhone

xbox 360 Android phone

How to connect your Xbox 360 to your Android Phone

xbox 360 Android phone

For all the Android users around the world, here is a way for you to connect your phone with Xbox 360 and share the internet with Xbox. You can enjoy the access to internet on your Xbox. It is recommended that you have a unlimited data-plan on your Android phone to enjoy the seamless internet browsing.

  1. First things first, only Android phone with 2.2 versions or above are recommended for this. Older editions of the Android OS are not supported.
  2. The Android phone must support WiFi tethering. If it does, go to the settings in your Android phone, click on Wireless & Networks, then go to WiFi tethering. Enable it and note the password.
  3. Now, go to the home screen in your Xbox. Scroll to the “System Settings”. Then go to “Network Settings”. Wait until your console searches for the available WiFi networks. Select the tethered device and enter pass-code.
  4. Xbox console will then test the network strength, eventually connecting to the Internet.
  5. Make sure that your Xbox account is signed in before trying to connect with your Android phone.
  6. You are now ONLINE.

How to connect your Xbox 360 to your Apple iPhone

Xbox 360 can be connected to your apple iPhone, only if it is a jail-broken iPhone and provided you have the iPhone app PdaNet installed on your phone.

  1. You need a Computer, an iPhone & Xbox to achieve this.
  2. You have to have PdaNet app installed on your iPhone. iPhone should be jailbroken to connect to the Xbox.
  3. Start the app PdaNet in iPhone, select USB more from that, then connect the iPhone to your computer with the help of an USB cable.
  4. Then install a dn run the PdaNet software on the computer.
  5. Go to control panel – Network & Internet – Network Connections.
  6. You should find a PdaNet Modem in the connections list.
  7. Right-click on PdaNet modem, go to properties, then go to Sharing Tab, Check “Allow to share internet connection” click OK.
  8. What this does is, anything that is connected to the Ethernet port of the computer will be then connected to the Internet.
  9. Take an Ethernet cable, plug one end to the computers’ Ethernet port and other into the Xbox.
  10. Now go to Xbox – Network Settings – Test Network.
  11. Test the connection – It should connect successfully, else try reconnecting in your computers’ network connections.
  12. You are ONLINE.