How To Customize Your Vape

How To Customise Your Vape

Just like all gadgets and mod-cons, people like to customise their electronic cigarettes and overall vaping experience. People like to put their own stamp on their belongings as another way to show case their personalities. For example, with mobile phones you can choose what colour to have it in as well as choose accessories including covers and stickers etc. In the world of electronic cigarettes, you can customise your e-cig to within an inch of its life! You can choose whether to have a big or small device, whether you use cartomisers or atomisers, what colour your device is, whether you want to use a drip tip or not as well as many, many other options.

But can you actually customise the vape itself? I mean, the device itself can be customised but can the experience you get from the device be customised? Well, the simple answer to this would be yes. Just for starters, you can choose which flavour you want to taste whilst you are vaping. Whilst vaping you are not restricted to the tobacco taste and there are literally hundreds of flavours of e-liquid to choose from! You are also able to choose the nicotine strength of the e-liquid, that is how much nicotine there is. Many people who switch to vaping find they become less dependant on nicotine and so reduce the nicotine strength they use over time.

So, how else can you customise your vape? Another way is to buy a variable voltage mod so you can choose the output voltage of your device. One example of the variable voltage mod is the LavaTube. This is often classed as one of the best variable voltage mods currently available on the electronic cigarette market. The voltage can be altered from 3.0 to 6.0V at increments of 0.1V – this is so the vape can be as customised as possible.

The LavaTube has many great features and not just due to the fact that it is perfect for customising your vape. It is incredibly easy to use and the whole device has just four buttons in total. To turn the LavaTube on hold down the power button for five seconds and repeat to turn it off. Once you have activated your LavaTube, press the fire button which will activate the atomiser at the set voltage. To change the voltage of your device, press either the plus or minus to turn it up or down.

If you are looking for other ways to customise your vape, take a look at the Neatcigs website.