How To Directly Link Your Computer To Your Television


Do you wish to link your computer directly to your television? Nowadays, it has never been easier for connecting a computer to a TV set. With just a few key pieces, plus a small knowledge of electronics, you can have your set up completed in virtually no time. The actual question remains however, and that is how do you link your computer directly to your TV set? Here are a few ways how to do so:

  • Video Connection – The most important thing that you will want fully covered whenever you are attempting to hook up your computer to your TV set is the connection itself. Without the appropriate connection, the picture will most likely be fuzzy, or you will not even get a picture on the screen at all. Also, if you do not possess the required connection items, such as the appropriate wires, you will risk damage to either your computer or television set. Since the majority of computers on the market nowadays include HDMI, DVI, an VGA outlets, connecting a computer to a TV set has never been easier. The HDMI input will usually provide the highest quality image possibly when it comes to your set up.
  • Audio Connection – For HMDI, DVI and VGA connections today, the majority high-definition multimedia interfaces are capable of providing both video and audio inputs/outputs. However, if you only have a DVI or high-definition multimedia interface connection available to you, then you will certainly need come up with another way of getting synchronized audio to your television, unless you are fully satisfied with the sound quality that your computer’s loudspeakers will provide. However, if you find that you are not satisfied with your computer’s audio quality, then you will be able to connect your computer’s audio output to your television’s audio input.
  • Adjusting Your Various Configurations – The settings on your computer are certainly as essential as the settings of your TV set. Even if you are off by just one simple click of the mouse, you might not get an image on your television’s screen. Once your connections are indeed set, make sure that your computer is situated in a projector setting, and that you have your television placed on the appropriate video input setting. Your computer and television should both provide you with various options when it comes to color configurations and sound configurations.

How To Directly Link Your Computer To Your Television

The benefits of a successful computer-to-television link:

Hooking up your computer directly to your TV set should always provide you with great video and audio results. You should always be able to stream movies out of your computer, and have them play flawlessly directly on your television set. You should also be able to stream live Internet broadcasts and video files from your computer directly to your television. Another great benefit of a direct computer-to-television connection is you can give your computer’s monitor a break even while you are using your computer. This can help to prevent any type of burnout when it comes to your computer’s monitor, and will save you the expense of having to get it fixed or replaced, something that you always want to avoid.

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