How to Fix your iPhone broken display

How to Fix your iPhone broken display

Accidentally or intentionally, if your iPhone screen has broken or cracked, chances are that your phone might still be working, but it’s not safe to use it in such fashion.

If your iPhone was running warranty, no need to worry, get it fixed at Apple Care.
But If your iPhone is not under the running warranty, and you cannot afford to buy a new display, and you are ready to tackle a challenging, but satisfying, do-it-yourself fix, here’s the steps for replacing the entire display assembly.

Getting replacement parts and tools

If you decide to tackle this fix, you’ll need to get the necessary replacement parts and tools. As the iPhone’s front panel and LCD are fused together, I suggest buying both as a single unit. You’ll find them for between $70 and $120 online. Just be sure that you buy the right one for your phone.

The tools needed to do this job are, you’ll need a few thin metal blades, a plastic spudger or case-opening tool, tweezers, a Phillips #000 screwdriver, a tiny flat-head screwdriver, and a special screwdriver, which you’ll use to remove the phone’s tamper-resistant outer-case screws. You can always buy these tools online if you don’t have them.

Before you begin, read the below steps carefully

  • Do it at your own risk
  • Find correct tools and display are little tough
  • Prepare the place where you want to work this out
  • Do it in a well illuminated place
  • Do it slowly, try to take pictures while disassembling or document the same, which makes life easier when are putting back the parts into your iPhone

Now, as you have decided to go with it, read the below steps and follow the same

1. Back up your iPhone data – Just in-case something goes wrong

The first step is to back up all the iPhone’s data using iCloud or iTunes, just in case something goes wrong. You’ll also need to eject the SIM card using the eject tool or a paper clip.

2. Unscrew the Screws

Once you have backed up your data, it’s time to remove the screws from the bottom end of your iPhone

3. Remove the internal hardware one-by-one

Before installing the new display assembly, you’ll need to remove most of the iPhone’s internal hardware, starting with the battery. Remove the battery connector screw and disconnect the connector from the motherboard as shown in the figure. Carefully remove the tiny pressure contact located under the connector, noting its location and position for reassembly. Pull up on the battery’s plastic pull tab, and it should come loose from the frame. Next, remove the metal shields that cover the upper portion of the motherboard and the docking connector cable. As you remove each screw, note its location. The screws are different lengths and will need to go back into their original positions. Now, disconnect and remove the rear camera and then detach all the cables along the top and side of the motherboard. You’ll need to gently pry the docking connector cable away from the metal shield underneath.

Remove the hidden motherboard screw located under the round white sticker near the battery pull tab, the screw under the docking connector cable at the bottom, and the metal standoff from the top near the headphone jack. Then remove the motherboard, lifting up from the bottom. Lastly, remove the speaker enclosure and vibration motor. (Note: The location of the vibration motor will vary depending on the phone’s model and carrier.)

4. Remove the broken display assembly

Finally, we can turn our attention to the broken display assembly. It’s held to the metal frame with 10 screws: 3 each along the two sides and 1 in each corner. You’ll need to remove them all, keeping track of the washers under the 6 side screws.

Once the screws are removed, carefully insert a thin metal or plastic tool between the metal frame and front glass panel along either the top or bottom edge and gently pry the panel loose. (Note: Do not insert the tool too far or you may damage the phone’s other internal components. And if the glass panel is cracked, take care not to injure yourself during the removal process.)

As you pull the panel away from the phone, you’ll need to thread the two attached cables through the metal frame.

5. Install the new display assembly

First, remove the plastic film from the back of the display, if it has one. Then carefully thread the display cables back through the frame, making sure not to crimp them in the process.
Gently press the panel onto the frame and secure it with the appropriate screws and washers.

6. Reassemble the iPhone

You can now reassemble the phone, work your way back through the previous steps. Start with the following:

  1. Vibration motor
  2. Speaker assembly
  3. Motherboard
  4. Rear camera
  5. Motherboard shields
  6. Battery
  7. Finally the back cover

How to Fix your iPhone broken display

Remember: As you work through the process, be careful not to damage any of the small metal contacts on the cable connectors, speaker assembly, or battery connector pressure contact.
As do-it-yourself fixes go, this one isn’t too tough. It does, however, take patience and attention to detail.