How To Handle The Mobile Web: Some Useful Tips!


In the present era, the revolution of smart phones is no more a surprise now and people expect it to rise day by day. An agency from UN appeared with a report that in the coming one year, the mobile subscription will be more than the count of people. The increasing inclination of people towards the smart devices creates a strong need of mobile web design. Keeping this in mind, the developers have appeared with some strong tips in order to offer the best mobile web experience:

Ever-growing technology:

The technology has come a long way, if we compare the journey of mobile devices till the time iPad was launched. This is an ever-changing industry, which demands the developers to make his design future-proof. It means to say that they should keep pace with the recent trends. For instance, responsive design is a crucial aspect, if they are offering mobile web to the visitors.

Website optimization:

Website optimizationThese days, online business is one of the most competitive fields, therefore it becomes mandatory to optimize the mobile website especially the landing page. Make sure a mobile website must be optimized according to the target audience and search engines. The website must have precise text, simple navigation and relevant alt tags & meta data. In case, you plan to include information forms, keep them simple and easy to fill.

Guidelines, compatibility & UI

All the mobile operating systems are not similar, therefore some crucial guidelines must be followed whether one needs to build for iOS, Android or any other platform. You must be aware of the fact that different people will be working on different browsers, so make sure the website is compatible with most of them. A developer is supposed to work according to the defined guidelines.

Breakpoints & grid

It is crucial to define the breakpoints and grid in the beginning, if you use a responsive design for the mobile web. For this purpose, you can get help from the different online tools to define the gutters and the width of the columns. There are developers, who choose to set breakpoints on the basis of resolution, but it is not a great solution because there are various mobile devices available in the market and a change in resolutions is seen with the passage of time. Therefore, the breakpoints should be defined on the basis of the content in place of resolution.


In the web world, content is still positioned as the king, so content modules planning is quite significant. The content modules behaviour needs to be defined in terms of ensuring that they should exhibit exactly in the form that a user takes an action and navigates. It means to say that you need to define that how the content appears at the time of switching between a personal computer and a mobile screen. This is done to ensure that the modules are working well to reorder and stack themselves.

Final Words

Hence, a developer is supposed to accept the challenges of mobile web design for the sake of rendering quality services to the clients. Therefore, follow these crucial steps & tips to improve the mobile web experience of the clients.

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