How To Turbo Boost Your Internet Speed


Many of us are far from happy with our internet speed and would rather moan about our broadband provider than do something constructive about this situation. But sometimes the fault does not lie with our ISP and there are a number of things that we can do to improve the surfing speed. This article takes a look at some of these activities and will hopefully show you a few shortcuts to boost that all important performance.

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Browser Settings

Browser Settings

We often overlook the browser when we are trying to work out why the download and surfing speed is so sluggish. You can check out the version of your current preferred browser and see if it needs updating. If your automatic update option is disabled, you may well find that you are one or two versions behind the current release. This can pick up your speed nicely and is probably the first thing we would look at. You can also see if other web browsers have a positive effect on your internet speed. There are 3 or 4 to choose from and we suggest checking them all out until you are happy.

Speak To Your Internet Service Provider

When you originally signed up to your current provider, you were probably attracted to the blinding speed quoted in the commercial. But that is not necessarily the speed that you are getting right now, this may be because of the package that you decided on. There are different levels of speed and download limits that are interwoven into each service package. Check out the small print and see if yours is the highest one available. You can speak to your ISP and see what other options are available, quite often you can get a free upgrade because no business wants to lose one of their better customers. If you are not sure of how to check your speed you can use any internet speed tester for an accurate reading.

Router Settings

There are hundreds of different routers available and many of them have adjustable settings that can improve your internet speed. The best way to see if yours is being compromised is to check the supplier’s website and run through their help section. You may find that your signal has been choked due to an incorrect factory default that has not been rectified. It may be a case of having an outdated router that simply cannot cope with the broadband width that you are receiving.

Sharing Caring?

If your wireless internet connection is not secured properly, you may find that your neighbour is having a free ride on your service. This is very annoying, not least because it can severely affect your surfing speed. This is even more likely if they are downloading movies and suchlike without your knowledge. It is easy enough to secure your wireless router so get to it as soon as possible. You can set up a WPA encryption and also a WEP password to kick your low rent neighbour to the kerb!

Any Better Yet?

As long as you try all of these options, you should be enjoying a faster internet experience if they still don’t help you, then maybe it’s time to shop for an alternative service provider!

About the author: The author of this post, Paul Potter, is a technical consultant and an avid blogger. He has worked with a number of companies that include some ipTV providers as well. His blogs are generally concerned with gadgets and technology.