How To Use Your Phone To Find & Rent Your Perfect Home

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If you live in a large city then you know how hard it can be to find an apartment. Apartments are all over the place and at the same time it is not easy for you to get in touch with the people in charge of renting them out. It gets worse though. Depending on what type of place you are trying to rent you might have a hard time even finding out about listing if you rely on traditional means to do so.

The newspaper is probably one of the worst ways to go in this case. Think of looking for an apartment in the newspaper the same as you would finding a job. By the time you see the listing you have a whole lot of competition and chances are you are too late to get that job. Well it is the same way with trying to find and rent an apartment.

Now you might be thinking that websites such as Craigslist make this a little bit easier and in a way it does. The only issue with Craigslist is it is you do not get the information you need and the search can take a long time. So what is the solution? The solution would be for you to use your phone to find and rent and apartment. It just makes things so much easier. And do not think that most people in charge of renting out homes have not made the adjustments as technology has advanced.

The majority of homes out there for rent, especially the more desirable ones in the more desirable parts of any given city can be searched for by means of your phone. Before I get into one cool app you can use to search for a home to rent by phone I am going to mention some of the problems with traditional methods.

Problems with traditional methods

  • Having to go in person in order to see the apartment or home you want and having this take a lot of time out of your day, because you might not like what you see.
  • Having to go in person to an apartment or home just to pick up an application and put it in. You usually have to wait for management to be on site and they have set hour. What if you are not able to get there by these hours?
  • Having to give out personal information you do not want to give out yet just to go look at an apartment. Sometimes you are asked to give your social security number, drivers license and other information before you are given the keys to go look at certain places. That is if you are allowed to look at a place on your own.

find an apartmentDo you want to have to go through all of this? I am sure you do not. Using your phone makes everything simple. Firstly you will be able to look at an apartment or home on the phone. There are usually detailed pictures of each room and the outside of the building or house structure you would be living in. This is enough for you to know if you want to go in and take a closer look. You do not waste your time like you would in the past.

When you use your phone you also have the option of putting in an application right then and there. This means you do not have to go to a place in person in order to pick up an application and just hope management is there to provide you with one. You can submit an application and then follow up with it as soon as you feel the time is right. In this way you can put in for a number of apartments. Could you do this if you had to go in person to each site to get an application?

Giving out your personal information is only going to be required as you are filling out the application, not simply to get the keys to see a house by yourself. This way you do not have to feel uncomfortable.

Now what you need is access to a powerful application that allows you to search all the apartments you want quickly. If you use your phone to search for apartments one of the best apps to have would be the Apartment Guide Android app. This app is going to convert your phone into a powerful tool to help you find the perfect apartment or home. You can search for apartments by city. You can search for apartments by state. You can also search for apartments by zip code. There is a GPS feature with this app that allows you to locate apartments closest to you if you want as well.

The Apartment Guide Android app has thousands of listings. You will have access to all the options you need. If you want to know how to get to the apartment or home, then there are interactive maps and views in order to provide you with full details. You get complete photos and floorplans to all the places you might like.

With the Apartment Guide Android app you will be able to save all your favorite listing on your phone in order to share them with a friend if you want. In order to get this application all you need to do is type in the search term “apartments” in the Android marketplace in order to get it. What makes it even better is it will not cost you a thing.

Using your phone to search for and submit applications to rent apartments or homes is the best way to do things. Sure you could use a tablet device or a laptop, but you will not always have access to these things. You will always have your phone on you right? So you can pull it out, use this handy app, and look for apartments or homes whenever you have time. It is that easy.

About the author: Adam Walberg is a freelance writer who loves to write about home making, home searching and home remodeling. He also contributes to businesses like Modscape among many others.