iPhone vs. Android – Which is Better?


There is a technology war raging in peoples pockets. Apple and Google are doing everything they can to ensure that they are the first choice for mobile devices. So the question comes down to which is better between the iPhone and Android devices.

This is a difficult question to answer as each user will find advantages and disadvantages from each service. To start, consider the differences between a Mac and PC when it comes to home computing. Apple has always been a bit more closed off when it comes to the types of systems their operating system works on. Specifically, Apple machines run an Apple OS. On the PC front, PCs can run Windows in a wide variety of configurations. From extreme gaming rigs custom built for that reason, to work computers that excel at productivity. So why does this all matter? The iPhone vs. Android debate mimics this difference a great deal.

iPhones are all the same. Each version is an upgrade to the previous, but if and iPhone4S is always an iPhone4S. On the other hand an Android phone could be an LG or a Sony phone, or any variety of manufacturers and styles. This leads to the same issues PC users see frequently. Software and operating systems don’t work as they should all the time. If issues arise on an Android device, a simple Google search for the issue often requires more specific information, such as the phone and OS version. For iPhones, a simple search of the issue is all that is required.

While both systems do well with high speed wireless internet access, internet service providers are very different. It isn’t hard to find iPhone users in the past upset about their services with AT&T, and while that may not always be the companies fault, the fact that the iPhone has moved on to new internet service providers, as well as new communication companies, means that the choice of provider is no longer dictated by the phone itself. Clear internet, from this website is easy to obtain with both phones and is no longer a major factor in purchasing decisions.

Android vs iphone

The biggest point of contention for users of either phone comes from the freedom to use it how the user wishes. iPhones are a bit more constrictive with their uses. Music is generally only obtained from the App Store and other features are generally controlled by Apple. This is done to ensure the phone works as flawlessly as possible and can be easily fixed if something comes up. On the other side of the argument, Android devices obtain software and music from a wide variety of sources. While the Android system does have a specific app store called Google Play, Amazon also allows users to obtain apps from their own service. In addition, music can be added regardless of where it is obtained from.

The biggest thing to consider is what you need the phone for. The iPhone is simple, intuitive and rarely runs into software issues. The Android gives much more freedom to users, but that freedom comes at the cost of possible issues that can slow down or even “break” the phone. Both options are great, but will be focused specifically for certain types of users. Head to the stores and play with both and see what fits your needs best.

About the author: Stephanie Willis – Regular Phone User