Keep Our Kids Safe When Phone-Surfing!

Common Sense Prevails

Have you thought about the habits your kids have started to develop with the introduction of internet-ready cell phones? It has never been easier for them to stay in touch with their buddies over the social network as well as being able to stream the latest cool music videos at a touch of a button. We never had anything as cool as this when we were kids, but we were probably a lot safer from harm than they potentially are. Parents should probably start to take a little more notice of the activities their kids are up to regarding cell phone surfing. We all know about the dangers and threats of using social media and emails on the home computer and laptops. The threat is just as bad on these new gadgets, so let’s have a look at how we can get involved in a caring, sharing, way.

The Threat Remains

Threat RemainsThe problems that we face when our kids are exposed to tasteless content on various websites are just one issue that the internet has so kindly introduced into our lives. There is a possibility of cyber bullying to consider, as well as the constant threat of adult predators posing as juveniles in order to corrupt our children. When our kids are at home on their computers, we can usually keep an eye on them. We also have some helpful software and controls that monitor what they are getting up to in that chat room or website. Cellphone surfing offers the same possibilities but there is another frightening aspect as well, our kids are usually out of the home when they are surfing away on the phone! It can be all too easy for a bully or predator to find out where our kids are, if they are naive enough to give out this information.

Technology Is On Our Side

Technology Is On Our SideFortunately there is some very clever technology available that allows us parents the power to pre-determine the websites that our kids are surfing on. It is the same applications that we use on the PC and laptops, but is easily transferrable to the smart phone operating systems. The same technology allows us to vet the type of ‘friends’ they are congregating with in the virtual world.

Common Sense Prevails

Common Sense PrevailsOf course though, our kids are nothing if not resourceful, and if they really put their minds to it, they can probably access some fairly risqué websites. This is where good old fashioned common sense should come into the picture. Talk to them about your concerns and allow them to tell us why they think that they should be allowed to access these sites. Try and win the day by using calm and logical reasoning with them, this usually does the trick.

Check On Them

After explaining why they should never give out personal information, we should occasionally check on our kids. You will soon get a feel for whether or not they are being honest. Allow them to come to you with any concerns and never turn them away, no matter how busy you may be.

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